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Aliens in America: Coma Chameleon

Welcome back to Medora, Wisconsin! Yup, Aliens in America finally came back with a new episode, and we're thrilled. We missed Raja, the Tolchucks and all the rest.

What did you think of the episode? We loved some parts -- Franny behaving badly will always float our collective boat -- but other parts were just eh. There wasn't half enough Raja, and what was the deal with Claire hardly even being present?

Let's start with Franny. She's just so awesomely oblivious. How else can you explain her yodeling out about Sound of Music Singalong tickets where a passel of high-school students can hear her? It just doesn't even occur to her that Justin might be embarrassed -- or tortured -- by that little outburst.

Then there was the bit with the car. Franny tapped a hybrid, and, because Raja has influences the whole Tolchuck family, she left a note taking responsibility. Gary scampered off to the market to retrieve the note, where, of course, he seriously damages the car. Did anyone not see that coming?

Then there's Justin's storyline. The resident psychotic, weapons-crafting bully decides to use Justin as his crash-test dummy, so Justin spins a story about how Franny was in a car accident and is now in a coma. OK, it worked, but dude... And of course, that same back to bite him in the butt, when the bully takes him to the hospital to see his comatose mom and discovers the truth. We thought it was just kind of icky.

So what was your take? Were you thrilled to see everyone back, or did you wish it was a stronger episode? Did the Franny-in-a-fake-coma storyline tickle your funnybone, or did it leave you cold? Talk about it in the comments!


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Any news on renewal for AIA? I adore this show. It's the best-written program on The CW.

It and Supernatural are the only things that interest me on this network.

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