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The Sarah and Jackie Files: Chuck Bass's Short Shorts

Over at Catwalk Queen, they're wondering if Chuck Bass is the new Carrie Bradshaw (!) We're not sure we'd go that far, but we have to acknowledge that Ed-as-Chuck has been pushing the envelope with his on-set styles lately, and he and Carrie do love those argyle socks. Below, Sarah and I talk about whether or not it works for us -- and wonder if even Chuck Bass can pull it all off.

Chuck Bass and Carrie Bradshaw: loving the argyle

Sarah: Isn't it awesome?
Jackie: He's been sporting short shorts for awhile now.
Sarah: I can just see Chuck in the male version of a tutu.
Jackie: The sick thing is, I'm finding him really cute in these pics, in spite of the outfits
Jackie: or at least the bottom half of the outfits
Sarah: Yeah, I know
Jackie: I like his new 'do
Sarah: The high socks with shorts is a deal-breaker for me
Jackie: You mean the bow tie isn't?
Sarah: See, I guess I've seen the bow tie enough that I'm immune to it
Sarah: It's Chuck, he wears bow ties
Sarah: but those shoes + those socks + those shorts = Gah!
Sarah: And if you're wearing shorts like that, it's too hot for a sweater, you know?
Jackie: Agreed. but then, he's Chuck Bass.
Sarah: Yeah
Jackie: He doesn't have to play by our (fashion) rules.
Jackie: he makes his own... to his own detriment, I'm afraid
Sarah: Except when it's not.
Sarah: Sometimes, he can totally rock the ascot or the blaze-orange trench coat, but sometimes, he goes too far
Jackie: I definitely think the wardrobe people are pushing the envelope more lately

Jackie: if you go back to the beginning of season one, he wasn't really that outlandish
Jackie: I could almost see someone wearing what he wore then
Jackie: but now? no way.
Jackie: Same with Blair.
Sarah: Yeah. But then, that adds to the idea that he's the new Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah: Blair? Really? I think she's gotten much better outfits as the show went on
Jackie: I disagree
Jackie: I LOVED her outfits in the first half of the season, pre-writer's strike
Jackie: Her black lace dress in the pilot
Jackie: Her outfit on the runway before she almost fled to France
Jackie: Her Thanksgiving outfit...
Jackie: But then they come back in January and she looks like Snow White on steroids
Jackie: in that blue mess
Sarah: Heh. I LOVED that blue coat!
Sarah: And what about her mega=slinky art-deco outfit when she outed Asher?
Jackie: Okay, I'll give you that -- that was stunning.
Jackie: But in general, the costumes have become more outlandish. I also hated Serena's yellow dress in the finale
Sarah: The bridesmaid dress?
Sarah: Because yeah, that was HIDEOUS
Sarah: I still think it was Lily exacting revenge on her child
Jackie: for?
Sarah: Life in general
Sarah: Being a difficult-to-deal-with kid
Jackie: Hmmm... I don't think anything Serena did was bad enough to merit that black ribbon!

What do you think? Is GG fashion heading in the right direction? Was Serena's dress really a not-so-subtle punishment for bad behavior? And which was your all-time favorite Chuck Bass ensemble? Discuss in the comments!


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Okay, I have to agree. During the first half of the season, Blair's wardrobe was very good. Then post writers strike, everything kind of felt like... too much. But like "farmer" said before me, at Asher's Party, she got it back.

I have never watched Gossip girl before... but I do think that outfit is kinda ridiculous but to each their own!

To bad no guys watch the show then.

Chuck Bass can get away with wearing even the tackiest of clothing because, well, he's Chuck Bass!

About the shorts, they are in the hamptons, after all.

About Serena's bridesmaid dress, I could just see Eleanor Waldorf rolling her eyes in disbelief.

I agree with you guys that Blair's wardrobe was better in the first half of the season. The second half was a hit-and-miss kind of thing. But now that I'm thinking about it, I suppose it coincided with her emotions then. Blair was reeling from the fallout of everyone knowing about her and Chuck, and that Jenny has replaced her. Let's just say that her fashion judgment was impaired.

Then at Asher's party, she got it back. Complete with a slow motion entrance!

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