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The Vampire Diaries: The Kat's Meow

"Yeah, I'm sexy. That's why I'm eating a strawberry"

We love this show. Oh, The Vampire Diaries, how you taunt us with your twists and turns! And how we love every second of it. This week we were gifted with our beautiful vampires and the impossibly good looking humans they love at a masquerade ball at the Lockwood's. It's amazing how everyone is 42% sexier in cocktail wear and masks. They really were fabulous masks.

This episode was all about killing Katherine. In on the plot were Damon, Stefan, Jeremy (who, btw, has mysteriously become surprisingly hot), Caroline, Bonnie, and Alaric. What amuses us, as we may have mentioned before, is that they think that Katherine can be trifled with. She's generally five steps ahead of them at every turn.

So Katherine's got a friend named Lucy. Who...is a witch. Of course she is. We're generally inclined to like anyone named Lucy, but disinclined to like anyone in Katherine's close circle, so we were confused about what to think about her -- particularly when we found out why she had been summoned. Katherine may not have known about the specifics of the plot to kill her, but she was prepared for Mystic Falls stabby shenanigans in any event.

Follow us after the jump for the rest of our recap!

Before we get into specifics, we feel like we have to give Katherine props for being so perfectly slinky and evil and gorgeous in this episode. When she was dancing with Stefan in their unrealistically fabulous masks they were so pretty together we were sorry the moment had to end.

So we loved the plot to kill Katherine. It was really well thought out and executed. Starting with the transparent (and false) ruse with Jeremy to lure her out to the lake, then causing her to hunt down Caroline to find out what the boys were up to...so that Caroline would lead her to the room onto which Bonnie put an entrapment spell...so that the boys could play their favorite game of pin the stake on the Katherine. But silly kids, Trix are for really old vampires! Why would they not consider that Katherine would have a back up plan, hmmm?

Making her own Bennett witch work a spell so that Elena would feel everything that Katherine felt was nothing short of genius. What's a doppelganger for if not to take your pain? It's like having your very own proxy voodoo doll. We want to know where we can sign up for one of those, actually.

How delicious it was watching Damon and Stefan struggle to shank Katherine with their copious supply of wooden stakes. Comical, even. We know she's bad and all, and we're not really rooting for her, but a teeny tiny part of us loves it when a wisp of a girl is stronger, faster, and generally more kick-ass than the strapping young men in her midst. And what flair she has. We dug her stake-fu.

Elsewhere in the cavernous Lockwood Mansion, we were really worried about the hapless Matt. Note that even he looked more sexy than goofy with that mask + tux combo. We are quite fond of Matt, and of Caroline who cares about Matt, so it distressed us that he was launched into the drunken suicide mission of Make-Tyler-A-Werewolf. We felt a twinge of guilt when drunk party girl #2 died instead of Matt, but we were admittedly relieved when our innocent friend was spared. And oh yeah, now Tyler's a werewolf (finally!)

Back to Katherine's chess game to stay alive. She trumps the boys' impulse to pierce her all over like so many marinating flank steaks by making Elena suffer as she suffers. She's so evil when she goads Stefan with taunts about Damon being in love with Elena! We loved it. Particularly since it's true. Then Bonnie finds her cousin in the crowd, Katherine's witch, Lucy. Lucy convinces her that they have the same high midichlorian count, thereby convincing Bonnie to fork over the moonstone.

Oh noes! Then Lucy handed over the moonstone! To Katherine! Oh snap! It's got some sort of anti-Katherine spell on it. Well, that happens. Katherine shouldn't have antagonized the hurt ex, cuz instead of killing her outright, Damon locked her up in the tomb to suffer for a really long time. Or you know, until next week when they need her help rescuing Elena.

Should Elena have taken Stefan back? Who has taken Elena? Give us your speculation in the comments!


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I DISLIKE the fact that Elena didn't take Stefan back. I really thought that after Katherine was out, Stelena was totally back on! How naive I was that it would be as simple as that! Why can't it be as simple as that? :(

I assume who took her is someone mistaking her for Katherine. As to who or what or why is anyone's guess :)

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