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The Vampire Diaries: Confession is good for the soul

"What, it still looks like that Cullen chick's 'do?? DAMMIT, WHERE IS MY BUMBLE & BUMBLE???"

Did that just happen? Did Damon just tell Elena that he loves her on this week's The Vampire Diaries? We know that's starting our recap at the end, but it's sorta the moment we've been waiting all season for, you know? And that one, sweet, tortured tear drop that fell out of his vampiric eye!? Melted our inner fangirl hearts, it did.

So we skipped ahead a bit. Let's go back to the beginning. At the end of last week's ep, Elena was kidnapped by a masked mystery man. Turns out we didn't need to know his name because he wasn't alive long enough to warrant one. He might have deserved it, making Elena unconscious enough to ride in the trunk of his car for 300 miles! It's hard for us to feel pity for vampire henchmen. So she's handed off to a another mysterious person, this one an actual vampire who repaid his henchman with a big ol' bite to the neck. Ah well.

Mr. Mystery Vamp took Elena to a ginormous old house that, with its decaying plantation feel and lit chandeliers on the floor could totally be either in a Meatloaf video or perhaps the set for Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Anyway, it suited our new vampire friends, Elena's captors. Turns out they've been on the run from The Originals (whoever they are) for 500 years. Something about letting Katerina Petrova get away from them. It's their plan to stop running and gain pardon by handing over Elena, the "Petrova doppelganger". Who knew that doppelgangers ran in families, like red hair or brown eyes. You'll never guess who Katerina is. Oh, we know, we were surprised too!

Follow us after the jump to read about Elena's rescue!

So towards the end of Elena's captivity, before the original named Elijah showed up, we started to feel pity for the pair of vamps about to hand her over. It's not as though they know her personally, and they seem to love each other, calling the other "family." We felt kinda bad, knowing that this was likely to end in tears for at least one of them.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, in a move straight out of Charmed, Bonnie uses a scrying spell with Jeremy's blood to find Elena on the map of the Southeastern US. Seems as though she's been taken to Greenville SC. Hilariously, from the drop of blood that fell onto the map, Jeremy was able to use Google Satellite images to find the one abandoned and isolated house where Elena must be. For the record, we've been to Greenville. Drove through it last Spring on our own hunt for weres in the wilds of western North Carolina, and trust us, there's plenty of population density there, and you can't throw a stone without hitting a decaying old structure. But fine, fine, fine, if we can embrace the idea of vampires and werewolves, we suppose we can embrace the idea of locating Elena's place of captivity on the Internet using a drop of blood. Fine.

Bonnie decides to send Elena a message, and does this nifty spell where she scribbled a note to Elena, then used a candle and magic to make the note materialize where Elena was. Unfortunately, this seems to have given Bonnie a tiny l'il burst aneurysm so she had a bloody nose and passed out - get this - on Jeremy's bed. Yeah, we predict that Bonnie and Jeremy will be sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g before too long. Certainly by the end of the season.

So our Salvatore brothers show up on the scene right after our sad and repentant new vampire friend was decapitated. Thus is the life of a vampire that Katherine's had her hands on. The brothers manage to separate Elena from Elijah and earnestly try to kill Elijah. In their defense, they had no idea who had Elena captive nor for what reason. They couldn't have known that they were dealing with an ancient death-proof vamp. So it's sort of understandable that when Damon staked him with the splintered leg of a table that they just left him there in the house to desiccate. But not really. Have they never read a vampire novel or seen a vampire movie - or for that matter, a James Bond movie??? You never ever leave your worthy opponent in a state of "he's probably dead; let's just leave the body and trust it will all work out"! Now they just have a really pissed off ancient vampire who knows where to find the moonstone, Katherine, and Elena and probably wants revenge for the whole staking thing.

We mean, we're not clear about why he's not dead either. That's some serious immortality there.

But our favorite part of this episode was following Stefan's apology to Damon for turning him. It was sincere and sweet. Even if it doesn't take away from the undeniable fact that it was a dick move. But it inspired Damon to go to Elena with her vervain necklace, and before giving it back to her, telling her that he loves her, but that he doesn't deserve her, but that his brother Stefan did...and then the kiss on the forehead! Swoon. Oh, watching that tear fall down his face as he said that he wished she could remember this moment, but that she couldn't. Cut to Elena in her room by herself wearing her necklace. Sigh.

Next week, we assume our crew has to go consult Katherine despite their best judgment. They've got a new enemy with whom to contend, one that makes Katherine look like an amateur. Surely they won't have to join forces with her? Will we get more info about The Curse and the Petrova Doppelganger, of which Katherine was apparently one herself at some point?

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


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Greenville SC, actually you're wrong, the map showed Greensboro NC, or more Reidsville and that area is desolate, so it does make a little more sense than you said.

Two quick updates: I know it was sarcastic "You'll never guess who Katerina is. Oh, we know, we were surprised too!" but Damon told us Katherine Pearce's real name is Katerina Petrova several episode's ago - so this is old news.

Second, the blood fell on greenville, but then "magically" traveled down the map to Reidsville, where Bonnie pointed to and said "she's here". Later Stephan says there is an access road right past mile marker 6 - so it appears they are not really in a city/town but on the outskirts of town right past the state line - not in greenville.

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