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Supernatural: Meg, Cas and the end of Crowley

Oh yeah. We're bad-asses

SoulQuest: 2010 hits a snag on Supernatural when the boys learn that a soul that has been Lucifer's only plaything may not be something worth saving. Plus, our heroes are betrayed by old adversaries and reputed friends, and are helped by allies and enemies alike. All this and some advice on the proper way to consume pornography. Thanks, show!

The alliance
Crowley is an absentee boss, so involved in torturing monsters for a map to purgatory that he can't be bothered to meet with his Winchesterian employees. Dean is ready to walk, but Sam reminds him that there's no other way to get his soul back. Blah blah working for demons, blah blah do you even want it, blah bah angstcakes. It's the same basic conversation the boys have been having for the last few episodes. This time, however, it's interrupted by the timely arrival of ... more demons! Yay!

The demons in question are led by Meg, and she postures and threatens and tries to wrest Crowley's location from the boys until Sam twigs that she's desperate -- so desperate that she can't hurt them. Meg and all the other Lucifer loyalists are hiding from Crowley, who's bent on taking out his competition. She needs them.

Read on for more Meg, Cas, Crowley and the boys after the jump!

So Sam proposes a deal: We'll help you find Crowley if you use your torture skills to force him to hand over something he owes us. Don't you worry your pretty little head about what it is, just promise us you can get it. Meg agrees.

Dean is appalled that they're dealing with still more demons, and promises Sam that she'll double-cross them. Of course, Sam says. That's why we'll double-cross her first.

The cavalry
Sam suckers Cas into coming down by dredging up the plot form Raiders of the Lost Ark (hee!), and then threatening Cas (!!!) to get him to help. Sam, sweetie, beware: You might get smote.

Unfortunately, Cas can't locate Crowley, so they turn to plan B: Raiding Grampa Campbell's office for clues. Gramps catches them, and refuses to help. He finally spills that he won't go against Crowley because Mr. King of Hell has promised to bring Mary back format he dead. Oh fer… Do these Hunters never learn? Dean tries to tell Gramps that, but Gramps isn't listening. Sigh.

But something Dean said apparently got through to Gramps, because he later tells the boys how to find Monster Gitmo. He won't help storm the castle, but at least that's something, right?

Breaking in
The boys, Cas, Meg and her minions break into the prison easily -- too easily. To quote our favorite cephalopod military man, it's a trap! Hellhounds are guarding the corridors. Meg decides to bugger off, but oops, Crowley's got spells that prevent that. No ditching the meat suit while he's in charge. So Meg agrees to try to hold off the Hellhounds while the boys and Cas hunt Crowley.

Small problem: Someone knows an angel is coming, and he uses the human-blood banishing sigil to kick Cas out. That person? Grampa Campbell. Doh! He watches as the boys get carted off by demons, and tells Dean that he has no compunction to help his grand-kids. Mary is his blood, and that's who he's going to help.

Meg fends off the Hellhounds, but a demon Christian Campbell is waiting for her. Time for torture! Meanwhile, Dean is being offered up to ghouls as breakfast, and Sam is… gnawing on his wrist? What the hell? Turns out he's using his own blood to make a devil's trap on the ceiling (good thing he's so freaking tall.) He escapes and rescues
Dean, who rescues Meg. Time to torture Crowley!

Bad news
Unfortunately, no amount of torture can force Crowley to release Sam's soul. He can't do it. He barely got Sam's body out of the cage, and there' no way he'll be able to get Sam's soul from a vengeful Lucifer. (We knew it!)

Besides, Crowley says, why would you want it? Lucifer has been using it as a chew toy for a year. You get it back, you'll be a drool-y mess. As Sam overheard Cas say something similar to Dean early, he's inclined to believe it. Crowley's useless, so Sam tells Meg to have fun.

Here's the thing: Meg plays a good game, but she sucks about people getting the drop on her. Crowley does just that, and he's ready to beat up the boys when Cas appears with Crowley's bones. You'd have thought Crowley would have made them impossible to find, but he's as bad at hiding things as Meg is at getting jumped. When Cas forces Crowley to admit that he can't do anything to rescue Sam's soul, the angel goes to work on Crowley's bones. He's gone for good. Sob!

Dean tells Sam they'll find another way to get his soul back, but Sam is through trying. Angels and demons agree that the soul is shredded, and getting it back would destroy him instead of restoring him to his old self. He's better off without it. Dean begs Sam to reconsider, but Sam walks. The boys have broken up again.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends
We know Crowley is a bad, bad man, but we're going to miss him. What can we say? We have a weakness for snarky bad guys. Fortunately, Meg made it out alive, so we're hopeful we'll see her again.

We got some quality Cas time this week as well. He did bad-ass well when he torched Crowley's bones!

Poor Cas: You need to learn your classic adventure movies. Then you'll know when you can ignore Sam.

Ok, we admit it, we're 12. We were giggling like crazy as Cas dissected the plot of a porn flick "It's very complex. If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong."

Fortunately, Cas is always wiling to learn. When Meg kisses him so she can steal his angel-killing sword, he kisses her back. "What was that?" Meg asks. "I learned that from the pizza man," Cas replies. "Well A-plus for you! I feel so...clean!" Meg says. Hee!

Ah, Meg. We can always rely on her for some good quotes. Among our favorites:

  • It's a deal, then. Hugs and puppies all around!

  • Castiel: Why are we working with these… abominations
    Meg: Keep talking dirty, makes my meat suit all dewy.

  • When Christian was torturing her: "It's a host body. Some girl from Sheboygan. Moved to LA to be an actress. Probably not even the worst thing that ever happened to her."

Did Grampa Campbell's betrayal shock you? Do you think Dean really will kill him the next time he sees him? Were you surprised that Crowley lied about the soul retrieval? Is Sam better off without his soul? Talk about it in the comments!


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I liked Crowley. Sad to see him go.

Sam was very cold and unsettling in this episode. Glad that his soul is back. I'm very interested in seeing how much damage has been done and where the story will go from here.

Dean. I love Dean but, for once, I just wanted Sam to just pop him one so he'd get off his back. I don't think that Sam is better off being soul-less...but I'd almost rather see him cold with no emotional range versus a drooling traumatized and babbling mess.
Pick your poison.
I agree with Sam not wanting his soul back. I wouldn't force the issue. Not with 'no guarantees'.

Dean should ice Gramps. Period.

Cas. My fav angel.

Meg. I like Meg. She's a good villain. The actress who plays her adds an extra umph to the role (although the other actress was good, too).
Am I wrong for wanting her and Cas to hook up, though?
C'mon...just once!
How freaky and ironic would it be for Cas, the holy roller Christian soldier, to make it with that 'abomination'...as he calls them?

Can't believe you killed off the hands down coolest character on the show! Crowley was so smooth and witty. Hope somehow you all can figure out some way to bring him back.

YES FINALLY the return of the fast-paced supernatural that i loved. This ep, Weekend at Bobby's, and the Third Man were the only ones that i found thoroughly enjoyable all around.
Don't get me wrong, i do like the monster of the week episodes, just as long as each one keeps me on the edge of my seat and contributes a lot to moving the plot forward - a lot of those eps in season 6 haven't done that.

Cas, I love that angel. i was so shocked to see that Sam threatened to kill him if he didn't help O__o i was ready to see Cas punch a hole through the soulless winchester, but the line 'what will you do...boy?' worked just as well too. haha Cas is one badass angel and came onto his own by leading the charge against Raphael. Like Dean said last season 'don't ever change' :D I love my Castiel and i'm so glad Kripke introduced him into the storylines in season 4.
LOL at Cas watching the porno too! i couldn't help but laugh at how clueless Cas was and how he said 'we're not supposed to talk about it' echoing Dean's words.

And that kiss between Cas and Meg?? I was shocked at first, but damn, Misha Collins sure does know how to plant one. And just then i realized that Cas has not kissed in the show before, and that scene was so rare, it was like a freaking unicorn! Just like 'Skin' was so memorable for Jensen's shirtless-ness (when Winchesters usually wear like 10 layers of clothing) i'm sure this ep would be memorable for Cas' first kiss (and other things, but this especially ^^)

Very pleased at this episode. We learned a great deal about what's going on the the potential mysteries about to unfold all within one hour. It was great. It's not just soul searching anymore, the Winchesters have to deal with the effects of forcing the soul down Sam's throat. Plus we find that Grandpa Campbell will stop at nothing to bring Mary back, and as much as i want him to be on the same side as Sam and Dean, i think it was more interesting having him as a potential enemy. I did enjoy Dean telling his grandpa off. As painful as it is, Samuel can't just think about himself and Mary. Would she be happy to be brought back like that? Would she be happy to know that her father nearly got her sons killed at the hands of a demon? But he's blinded by loss, and that provides a lot of motive. Hopefully we'll see an epic Winchester-Campbell showdown soon.

And on that subject - WTF to Samuel when he said "it was either [Mary] or Sam and you chose Sam!" uuuh... what? crazy grandpa... Choosing between your mother or your brother is difficult enough, but as a mother, Mary would've wanted Sam and Dean to live. Grandpa Campbell really does need to find some way around his grief. Just because he's a hunter and he knows some more tricks than the avg human, doesn't mean that he should make deals with demons to make it happen. Dean says its wrong for many reasons and its right no matter how much he misses her. Why grandpa, why? Why not listen to your grandsons? the only family you have left?

Again great ep, there were so many highlights i dont think i could list them all. *raises a glass* here's to hoping more episodes would be like this one - fast paced, mysterious, and eye opening.

Oh, cwsource, did you know? Supernatural won the TV guide magazine competition. (though i really really hoping they would use the photo on the voting page... there's no misha on the cover and an airbrushed jensen and jared? those guys look way too good! you dont need photoshop!!) All in all i'm happy they won. They really deserve it and its nice to see the underdogs come out and win for a change.

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