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Nikita recap: Free as a bird...with a tracking device

"Manolos with a switchblade in the heel? Michael, you shouldn't have!"

Party on! Our girls are back and ready for action on Nikita. From now on, Team Nikita and Alex, or Team Nalex for short, will be doing their dirty work on the outside. Former recruit, Alex, has hit the big time. She is officially a Division agent complete with a new car, fabulous wardrobe, and her own spacious apartment. How wonderful? Well, not quite. There is one small snag in this blissful, happy picture. Division has implanted a tracking chip at the base of her skull. Now Big Brother can follow her every move including any stopovers at her hot, new neighbor’s apartment. Don’t worry, though: Nikita is one quick thinker and comes up with a plan to throw Division off her trail and into a frenzy. She even finds a little time for some quick lip-locking with a dalliance from the past.

Chipping Away
After Michael drops off Alex at her new place, she wastes no time settling in. She heads to the store for a few knickknacks and lo and behold, who does she run into? Why, it’s Nikita, who was also out picking up a few things. What a coincidence. Okay, it was planned. This joyful reunion is short-lived after Nikita realizes that Alex’s tracking chip is also a “kill chip.” This means that Division can take her out simply with the press of a button. Being the cool cat that she is, Nikita keeps her fears to herself, but tells Alex that they need to gain control of the chip. To do this, Nikita devises a plan that will send Alex back inside while simultaneously luring Division out.

Nabbing the Nerd
To get the job done, Nikita has to cash in on a past favor. She meets up with CIA agent Ryan Fletcher, whose life she had previously saved, and advises him that it’s payback time. She wants him to haul in Division’s top techie, Berkoff, for a little one on one chat. Reluctantly, Fletcher agrees and in no time Berkoff is nabbed, grabbed and sitting in a CIA interrogation room. Nikita then has Fletcher go in and try to get Berkoff to reveal his password. If she can get access to Division’s computers, she can reroute Alex’s tracking device. Berkoff, unfortunately, turns out to be a tough nut so Nikita decides to do the cracking herself even if it means revealing her alliance with Fletcher. Before long, Berkoff falls right into her trap and tries to break into the room’s Blue-Ray machine. As he does this, Nikita monitors him and is able to get his secret password. Then, she sends an S.O.S. email from Berkoff to Division headquarters. Michael gets the email and takes off to help his co-worker in distress.

While Nikita is stirring things up on her end, Alex is also keeping busy. Her part is a little simpler. All she needs to do is to sneak into Division headquarters, insert a disc containing a virus into the computer, wait for it to load, and then hit the road. Everything goes smoothly except that she has a brief run-in with Ms. Inquisitor herself, Amanda. Luckily, Amanda only wants to give Alex a stern warning that all her moves are bring watched, including visits to house parties at Nathan the neighbor’s house.

Wrapping It Up
By the time Michael shows up, Nikita has finished her hacking but is still in the office. To distract Michael, Fletcher calls security so Nikita can try to escape. Unfortunately, the security guys stop her and both she and Michael end up having to do some serious butt-kicking. Our girl is able to get away, but Michael is stopped in his tracks with guns pointed at his back.

With everything in place and Alex’s chip rerouted, the girls start to relax a bit. Nikita meets Fletcher for a drink and Alex gleefully skips off to meet Nathan at a club. But Nikita’s get-together with Fletcher reveals a few surprises. After she learns that he has been demoted, she reassures him that life will get better. She tells him that she plans to make him a “hero” and even seals the deal with a peck on the mouth. Wait…What? Does this mean our girl will be making plans for Valentine’s Day? Guess, we'll have to wait and see.


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yeah let her falling in love for RYAN or Owen...

Let Michael for Alex. They have so much chemistry together!

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