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Glee Podcast: "The Comeback"

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Lindsey and I were bracing ourselves for this Glee podcast, because Janine has been claiming Sam had Bieber hair since we first met him, and we've been denying it. Janine, you were right. He totally has Bieber hair. We're not convinced he's got Bieber lips, though.

Actually, those Bieber interludes were surprisingly enjoyable, as was Lauren Zizes totally rocking The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like." And the diva-off? Fabulous. The rest of the episode? Yeah, we had some issues. Why is Sue giving us emotional whiplash? Were adorable, cancer-stricken moppets really necessary? Will we get more GeekSam if he's with Santana? And why does red plaid and trapper hats symbolize anthems? Are lumberjacks really that anthemic?

Listen to our Glee podcast for "Comeback" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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