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Gossip Girl: When Dan Met Blair

"Haven't we done this plot before?" "Yes, but our dresses weren't as pretty those other times."

Hearts were aflutter this week on a special Valentine’s Day episode of Gossip Girl. Chuck tried to woo Raina with a fantasyland party while stabbing Lily in the back by kicking her off the board of Bass Industries. Dateless, Blair and Serena planned to celebrate love’s greatest holiday together with massages until their age-old jealousies reared their ugly heads. Dan tried to convince Blair to help him publish his latest article now that she holds a position of power at W and helped Ben land a job as a cater waiter. Here are some other thoughts:

Oldest plot device: How many times are Blair and Serena going to turn catty on each other? Blair will always have an inferiority complex when it comes to Serena, but they both need to grow up and stop sabotaging each other’s plans. Serena convinced Raina to scratch a W profile while Blair publicly threw Ben’s lower social status in Serena’s face.

Biggest movie reference: Dan and Blair watching “Rosemary’s Baby” together by phone recalled “When Harry Met Sally.” Is this scene foreshadowing a romance (or at least a romp between the sheets) between the two sworn enemies?

Biggest schmuck: Rufus continues to silently sit beside Lilly and watch the world go by without taking any action. Lily might wear the pants in the family financially, but did Rufus lose his tongue and ability to even speak?

Most mischievous plan: After getting canned, The Captain hands Chuck the key card and a list of passwords that will allow him to infiltrate Thorpe’s grand plan for Bass Industries. And here we thought The Captain only thought about himself.

Biggest shocker: It seems Lily dumped Thorpe to marry Bart. She sure does get around. Could this be why Thorpe is so determined to break apart Bass Industries?

Saddest moment: Blair eavesdropping on Chuck and Raina’s breakup. Sure, Raina was giving Chuck the boot, but the relationship was real on both sides and not just a ploy. We just wanted to hug Blair as she was realizing this fact.

Continue reading to find out who's blackmailing Eric.

Best dressed: If you’re gonna get your heart broken, you may as well look fabulous. Blair’s gold number at Chuck’s party trumped Serena’s cleavage-baring Ralph Lauren gown.

Most misguided: Chuck threw away his relationship with Lily to save his father’s company only to find out Thorpe duped him into it. In one fell swoop Chuck lost the only family he’s known and the latest girl of his dreams. He did throw a killer party though.

Biggest mystery: Damien accosts Eric on the darkened street looking like a quintessential burglar in a black skull cap to blackmail him into doing something sinister. We can’t wait to find out what sweet little Eric will have to do to protect his mother.

Biggest mistake: Doesn’t Eric know he shouldn’t spill all of his secrets to a known drug dealer? We know the kid is lonely, but what happens in the family, should stay in the family.

What did you think? Was it a mistake for Serena and Ben to try to ignore Valentine’s Day? Do you think Blair will get the job at W permanently? Will Raina forgive Chuck’s lack of family values?


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i gotta say, you guys seem to have a bit of a double standard with these characters. chuck was an idiot in this last episode. he played into the hand of a guy who was practically twirling his mustache with ulterior motives. however, chuck is 20 and can make that mistake. dan, however, isn't doing enough. he's 20! he's in college. he's applying for internships. he's being 20. this was one of the first eps in ages-and i do mean ages-wherein serena wasn't entirely out of line from start to finish. why do you guys still have to jump on her? savor these flashes of the old, nice serena. love the podcast and all, i just think you guys should try for a little less bias. Maybe I only feel like that because you're all so on the same page with each other, it gets a little redundant.

If you had thrown Chuck and Blair in the poll, you would have gotten a different result.

Obviously, DB was the best out of the fail that is CR, SB and LR. No contest. But if you throw a DB vs. CB vs. NS vs. DS in there, you'd get a different result.

umm I don't know about you guys but im totally loving the whole Dan/Blair whatever it is they have going on! I find myself watching and wanting to see more scenes of the two of them. When they interact Dan seems like less of a wussy then whenever hes with Serena and I love that Blair seems to open up around him. Plus they both actually know each other really well. i don't know if i want it to go any further then the sort of almost tension (?) they have now though.

That last poll says something!

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