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The Vampire Diaries: Eat your heart out, weres!

"Dude, you know the rules! If you find another hider during hide-and-seek, you have to surrender that spot to the original hider! Now beat it, she's right there!"

The woods of Mystic Falls are just filled with paranormal hijinks. On The Vampire Diaries this week, it was Weres v. Vamps. They didn't have a cage match or anything, but there's always next week.

Jules seemed pretty intent on convincing Tyler to run off with them to be part of the pack. We think she was also a little over-focused on the whole anti-vamp thing, even though she pretends to be the voice of reason to her friend -- the one whose name we're not going to bother to learn because we'd be surprised if, given how he treated Caroline, the vamps don't get medieval on his ass eventually. We say this about Jules because she went to the trouble of kidnapping and torturing Caroline because she couldn't find Tyler, when all she would have had to do is go to Tyler's house. It isn't as though Stefan had him constrained in any way.

Follow us after the jump for more commentary!

We loved the show-down between the Salvatores and the pack. You can't defeat the boys on their home turf, yo! Damon not only gets some of the best snarky lines in the whole show, he also gets the best action moments, like leaping up and fwoop! Gotcha! Heart in hand. Buh-bye minion who didn't even get a name tag. We did dig the sudden appearance of Luka's dad, though. He's a magic man! Who knew that Tyler was among the people he's sworn to protect due to Elena's deal with Elijah.

Though we have to talk about Tyler. We've never been huge Tyler fans, but were warming up to him lately. Then he had to have his moment of indecision about whether or not to let Caroline out of the cage she was in, and he lost us. We were disappointed, but thought it would turn out OK once he came by Caroline's to apologize, but if our girl C isn't gonna forgive him yet, we're not going to either.

Other interesting stuff this episode was the cold shoulder John of the murky and always dubious motives received when he returned to Mystic Falls. He's working so hard to gain credibility with everyone, we really wanted to believe that he had Elena's best interest at heart. 'Tis a shame that his convo with Katherine at the end implied that his reputation as a secretive snake is as intact as ever.

And, ah, poor Katherine. Stuck in that tomb like a child whose bad behavior cannot be contained in any other way than having a time out. We're keen to know what she meant about telling Stefan to contact Isobel, though. We don't approve of Stefan holding secrets.

And Damon? We trust you, even though you're at war with yourself. Be the better man, indeed.


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