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America's Next Top Model: Makeover misgivings and mean girls

It’s our favorite episode on America's Next Top Model this week. You know it, it’s makeover time! And in order to really ramp up the drama Tyra gives the girls a little hint about what MAY be to come via a canvas painted with potential styles like Dutch boy, Big, Gurly & Curly, Kinky Red & Wild, Extreme Angled Bob, Manly and many others. Naturally, they instantly start obsessing about which new look they think they are going to get.

So many hissyfits, so little time
After what we figure is a restless night of sleep, the models arrive the next day at Privé Salon in Hollywood where they are met by the Jays. Miss J, sports a new messy look that screams, “Give me a makeover too, Laurent D!” The girls are told that they will be whisked off to a photo shoot directly following the makeovers. They should have started handing out the tissues at that point.

Brittani goes short, black and with bangs. She is fully trusting that Tyra will make her look stand-out, awesome. And she does. Jacklyn gets even curlier but looks exactly the same. Monique gets extensions. They get rid of Sara’s nasty rat tail and give her a manly, more androgynous look and she definitely pops a bit more now. Still, she’s not too happy. Alexandria receives extensions and the know-it-all tries to tell the hairdresser how to do her job and then actually cries in the process. If she’s this much of a diva as a nobody we’re really afraid of what she will become if she wins this thing.

Dominique gets a kinky red do and freaks out at first but Jay reminds her that she needs to take chances. Mikaela gets long, straight, black extensions and Dalya gets the same. Kasia goes big, blonde and crimped and Hannah goes a little lighter. Molly gets a massive weave of blonde curls and even Laurent D. thinks that it looks weird so the plan is to fix it for the shoot and correct it later. Jay tells her to own it and she manages to until the ride home where she makes a boo boo face and starts in with a complaining, cursing tirade that goes on for days. Of course, Alexandria tells her that she let them do it so it’s really all her own fault. Darn it, why aren’t we all as smart as Alexandria?

Work the cranky
The newly made over contestants head to the Orcutt Estate Ranch where they are told that they will be posing in groups. Let the serious competition begin. Kasia and the still-cranky Molly are paired up and Molly overcomes her makeover ordeal to work the shoot. Monique and Alexandria are up next and Alexandria manages to rub the hairdresser, the photographer and pretty much anyone who gets near her, the wrong way. But Monique lets that get to her and it shows in the shoot. Mikaela and Sara pose together but neither of them have any idea about how to work with each other, and it shows. Brittani and Hannah are awkward and it could be Brit’s Dr. Seuss-inspired hat. Dalya, Jacklyn and Dominique go for the three-shot but Dominique might as well have not shown up.

Bitchy wins out over brainless
Stylist, Lori Goldstein, joins the panel this week and it’s always good for someone who was actually at the shoot to get to speak up about the models. Monique and Alexandria get good comments on their photo but Lori reveals just how cranky Alexandria was. And, she tells her, nobody has time for that. We love it when Nigel tells her that she can’t afford to be a diva at this point. Brittani and Hannah get rave reviews. Dalya, Jacklyn and Dominique look good but Dominique gets a thumbs down for being uninspired. Kasia and Molly get nothing but love.

The judges agree that Dominique is not the “brightest spark.” And Nigel is disgusted and vocal about Alexandria’s ‘tude. Yet, somehow she gets best picture…with a warning. They won’t tolerate a bad attitude on set. But then they give her best photo? Mixed messages, anyone? Molly gets runner-up and a guarantee that she’ll have her weave redone ASAP. Sara and Dominique end up at the bottom two and it’s really no surprise after they both struggled so much on set. In the end Tyra sends Dominique home to find some inspiration.


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