May 13, 2011

Nikita recap: Pandora

"Stop being a baby. Do you want to look as well-preserved as I do or not?"

What the #$*! Nikita’s dead? It sure appears that way…shot three times by Alex, no pulse, and a cleaner standing over her body ready to dispense with the evidence. Things definitely looked bleak on the season finale of Nikita but hey, we know our girl can overcome impossible odds…even something as major as this.

So, how was she reincarnated? Well, it turns out that Alex had quite a plan. She gave Nikita a paralyzing injection that made her heart rate undetectable (obviously, the gunshots were superficial). The cleaner then thought Miss N was a goner, broke the news to a rejoicing Percy, and proceeded with his cleansing process by using his own injection that flushes out toxins. That did it! Nikita woke up instantly and started swinging. The poor cleaner didn’t know what hit him (it was acid in his face, actually).

While he gathered his wits and called Percy, Nikita was able to piece together the events and realized that Alex had pulled a dirty trick. Not only did she “fake” kill her, she had rigged the black box that CIA Fletcher was trying to decrypt with the stolen nerve gas. Once he broke the code and started to read about Operation Sparrow, he and whoever else was with him would be overcome by the poison. Yikes! With no time to lick her wounds, Nikita darted out of there and high-tailed it to the CIA headquarters.

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May 5, 2011

Nikita recap: Betrayals

This is a fail-safe spy evasion technique.

Percy said it best, “Don’t trust your right hand man!” And, boy was he right. On this week’s Nikita, nobody was safe especially not Nikita. It was a triple-dip of double-cross, and Percy came out on top after playing everyone like pawns. As we saw last week, Alex was already in hot water after Amanda figured out that she was Nikita’s mole. This week, Amanda got a chance to torture her a bit in an electric shock chair until Percy decided that he wanted some alone time with his former protégé. Nikita was also doing a little cracking of her own. After her latest black box conquest, Miss N was on the hunt for someone to decrypt its contents so she could stop Percy’s next big mission…Operation Sparrow. To pull this off, Nikita kidnapped (or saved, if she tells the story) a CIA cryptographer named Malcolm Mitchell, but unfortunately she ended up getting more surprises than she bargained for.

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April 28, 2011

Nikita: Glass Houses

You WILL give me that pot roast recipe!

Lots of bodies were dropping this week on Nikita …all in the name of domestic bliss. Although our girls both have their eye on that prize, they know the time isn’t right. But one former Division guardian, a certain Dana Winters, wasn’t willing to wait any longer. She decided to hang up her gun and head for the white picket fence. To keep Division off her tail, she planted her tracker on some unsuspecting local. Everything was blissful for the past two years…she was living with her sheriff boyfriend and his son in some small town in Pennsylvania but recently, Percy has started getting itchy. With Nikita’s latest takedown of two of the boxes, he decided it was time to make sure that all of his remaining stash was in good hands.

To get the job done, Percy turned to his number one man, Michael. And since Michael is playing for both sides, he shared this news with his newest number one gal, Nikita. He told her to head there first, sniff things out, and then he would come along and act like he was taking care of business. Unfortunately for Winters, Nikita quickly discovered that she had left her post and was living a secret, happy, home life.

Read on for more spy-flavored hijinks!

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April 26, 2011

CW next season: Top Model All-Stars, plus the return of Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

OK, CW fans, you can exhale now. The network announced early pickups of some of its top shows today, and we think you're going to be pleased.

First off, America's Next Top Model will return with an All-Stars edition, featuring previous model hopefuls who were "breakout characters" and who "had the most memorable stories from past cycles." Our question: Does that mean they'll be bringing back the girls who had the most potential to make it in the modeling world? Or will they concentrate on the people who brought the most drama? We're pretty sure it will be the latter...

In other, not-at-all surprising, news, the net announced it would be bringing back hit shows "The Vamprie Diaries" and "Supernatural." We couldn't imagine them dumping "Dairies," which is the network's most watched show. "Supernatural" not only survived the move to Friday nights, it thrived in what could have been a death slot. We're thrilled it will be back.

Finally, the CW confirmed what we'd already guessed -- buzz-bait shows "Gossip Girl" (which is not only the net's second most popular show with its key demo but is also a key provider of magazine-cover starlets) and "90210" (which wins big when DVR data is taken into account) will be back.

We're also interested in what's not in the announcement. TV Guide reported that Bethany Joy Galeoti and Sophia Bush had both signed on for another season of "One Tree Hill," but so far the network has remained mum. Then there's newbie dramas "Hellcats" and "Nikita" -- will they stick around? We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything!

April 22, 2011

Nikita: Girl's best friend

No Simon Says point the gun forward. You're out!

It was mission time again for Alex this week on Nikita. Good news…she got to be top agent. Bad news…she had to work with Jaden, and as we know, putting these two babes together in the same room can lead to some messy squabbles. Luckily, the girls were able to suck it up and work together like a dynamic duo.

Unfortunately, Alex had some other struggles to deal with. She had to decide whether to complete the mission or save her own butt. Which did she choose?

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April 15, 2011

Nikita recap: Into the Dark

"Okay FINE! I ate your yogurt out of the office fridge! I'm SORRY!"

Who moves faster, hits harder, and sleeps less? Why, a cleaner, of course. This week on Nikita, our girl had to deal with not one but two of these crazy characters including Owen Elliot, the former cleaner and black box guardian whose life Nikita saved despite the fact that he took out her ex, Daniel. Yes, these two have a sordid history, but that’s all in the past. Forgive and forget, right? Well, sort of.

What really is bringing them together is their common goal…finding the black boxes and taking down Division. Owen, in fact, returned because he had a lead on one of the boxes and its guardian and he wanted Nikita to help him get it. Unfortunately, Owen also has some personal issues, so Nikita asks Michael to give her a hand in case he goes wacko. With all three working together, what could possibly go wrong?

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April 8, 2011

Nikita recap: Covenants

"Seriously though, you need to get laid."

Hookups, breakups, setups, and showdowns.Nikita had it all this week. There were even a few twists and turns to keep us shifting in our seats. The first bombshell was dropped right away: Michael, although not too savvy in the past few weeks, has put on his thinking cap. He figured out where Miss N has been keeping herself and decided to pop in for a visit. Because she wasn’t expecting company and her guard was down, she acquiesced right away. This made it easy for him to confirm the next little tidbit…that Alex has been the mole all along. But Michael had other things on his mind like finding his old foe, Kasim. Using his new-found knowledge, he tells Nikita that she has 24 hours to round up Kasim or he’s pulling the veil on Alex’s cover. Let the show begin!

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February 24, 2011

Nikita recap: Echoes

Look, it's Alex in the dream state, see all the negative space? Okay fine, The CW didn't update their press page.

In this week’s Nikita, Amanda tries to steal secrets from deep within Alex’s subconscious while she is in a waking dream state. Hey wait a minute…that sounds like the plot of a great movie…maybe even an Oscar winner. Oh well, let’s stay focused, because Alex is one crazy dreamer, especially when she’s being guided by Amanda. Here’s who she runs into and runs from.

Dreaming on the run
Even though Amanda put Alex under sedation to help ease her drug withdrawal, she was still able to interact with her. Basically, Alex appeared conscious but was really dreaming. Amanda then tried to calmly coax her into spilling the goods during her hallucinations. Unfortunately for Amanda, Alex took off on her own journey running from place to place and bumping into all kinds of characters: Her younger self (who constantly warns, “She’s coming.”), Nikita and Michael (who end up having a massive make-out session), Jaden (who she kills), her father (who insists she will reclaim his empire), and Percy and Amanda (who praise her for her killer instinct). The only dream visitor who puts a smile on her face, though, is Nathan who she imagines that she is gleefully married to with a baby girl.

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February 18, 2011

Nikita recap: From Russia, with drugs

"Oh my god, your skin is soft! What's the name of that dermatologist you use?"

Who is Alex, really? A former Russian sex slave? An orphaned girl whose family was murdered by mobsters? The heiress to a billion dollar empire? All of the above. We learned a lot about our favorite newbie Division agent this week on Nikita. Unfortunately, her colorful past caught up with her big time while she was out on her latest assignment. Luckily enough, she had not one but three saviors to swoop in and help deliver her to safety.

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February 11, 2011

Nikita: The new seduction

Valentine's Day is coming up? I had no idea! I ALWAYS have soft, romantic curls!

There were bombs of all kinds this week on Nikita. First, there was a dirty bomb that Nikita had to intercept before it landed in the wrong hands. Then, there was the bomb that Michael dropped while crashing a private pizza party between Alex and her neighbor, Nathan. Finally, Percy bombed out big time after he tried to pull a fast one on our girl, Nikita. Here’s the explosive recap for episode 13. Bombs away!

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February 4, 2011

Nikita recap: Lost and found

"If only I had a samurai sword... Oh, there's one! Wow, who saw that coming?"

No house parties or casual shopping for Alex this week on Nikita. Division decided it was time for their newest executor to get her game on. Her first assignment: take out a Georgian prince while he hobnobs at a New York museum gathering. Of course, this wasn’t a solo mission. She, along with about a dozen others from the Division gang, is ordered to do the dirty work. Alex has no plans on going through with the assassination, and after consulting with Miss N, they come up with a way to derail the job. Unfortunately, a little double-crossing diva creates a few problems -- but nothing our girls can’t handle.

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January 28, 2011

Smallville, Supernatural returns delayed (please don't hurt us)

Update: To clarify, as far as we know right now, the NEW episodes of Smallville and Supernatural will air Feb. 4 assuming Gossip Girl isn't pushed back 10 minutes in Poughkeepsie or something. RERUNS of the mid-season finales will air on Wednesday, Feb. 2, in theory to draw in new viewers. Or something. Look, we're having a hard time coming up with a bright side. Sigh. If we hear anything else from the network, we'll let you know.

OK, folks, keep this in mind: We're just the messenger.

You know how you were supposed to be able to turn on your TV and see the long-awaited return of Smallville and Supernatural tonight? Yeah, it's not happening. See, the network apparently got spooked that The Vampire Diaries and Nikita were preempted in some markets last night, and wanted to give these shows another chance to draw in viewers so they'd count on this week's ratings.

The good news: Smallville and Supernatural will get to strut their stuff next Wednesday with their pre-hiatus eps -- all the better to suck in viewers who don't realize what they're missing. And when they finally return next week, it'll be all that much more triumphant, right? Right?

In the meantime, please don't take your displeasure out on The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. They're both great shows, and they didn't ask to bump our dynamic duo.

We want to see Chloe return (as a possible traitor!) and the newly-resouled Sam as much as you do. Trust us -- we're hurting, too. Feel free to vent your displeasure about the decision here. Let it all out. You'll feel better. (But keep the profanity to a minimum, ok?)

Nikita recap: Free as a bird...with a tracking device

"Manolos with a switchblade in the heel? Michael, you shouldn't have!"

Party on! Our girls are back and ready for action on Nikita. From now on, Team Nikita and Alex, or Team Nalex for short, will be doing their dirty work on the outside. Former recruit, Alex, has hit the big time. She is officially a Division agent complete with a new car, fabulous wardrobe, and her own spacious apartment. How wonderful? Well, not quite. There is one small snag in this blissful, happy picture. Division has implanted a tracking chip at the base of her skull. Now Big Brother can follow her every move including any stopovers at her hot, new neighbor’s apartment. Don’t worry, though: Nikita is one quick thinker and comes up with a plan to throw Division off her trail and into a frenzy. She even finds a little time for some quick lip-locking with a dalliance from the past.

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January 27, 2011

Nikita: Maggie Q talks about kicking ass...obviously

We love our complicated characters, but we love the actors who play them even more, which is why it's always interesting to get their take on things.

We sat down with Maggie Q to talk about why Nikita kicks so much ass, why Amanda kind of makes some good points, and how grief can work as a sleep-aid.


Nikita: Lyndsy Fonseca on becoming a full agent

If you thought being a Division trainee on Nikita was hard, you're clearly not acquainted with life on the outside as a full agent. Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays Alex on Nikita, is diving head first into those challenges.

Watch the video below as Lyndsy talks about Alex's new life in the real world, shooting those tricky fight scenes and the evolving relationship between her character and Michael.


December 10, 2010

Nikita recap: All the way

"Guys? You there? I have to pee! And I think my shoe is untied..."

It’s graduation time for Alex on Nikita. Hurrah! Let the champagne flow. Well, not quite. This promising young recruit won’t be commemorating the achievement at parties in a cap and gown. Instead, our future hopeful will mark her advancement by wearing an elegant, sapphire cocktail dress and sticking a potassium chloride syringe through the larynx of an Armenian crime boss. That’s the way Division initiates its newest agents, or, as Alex so gracefully puts it, “I have to waste someone or I get wasted myself.”

Ironically, this whole killing business makes Alex uncomfortable, and she’s not too jazzed when she gets the news about her impending promotion. (Neither is Nikita). Our girls, therefore, make a plan to pull it off without Alex having to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, things get misdirected and the girls nearly end up getting caught. Lucky for us, they always have a game plan and know how to keep Division guessing.

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December 3, 2010

Nikita recap: Dark Matter

"Oh my god, those dust bunnies are enormous. It's going to take a year to clean this place!"

Guess who’s back! Our favorite rogue agent number two…Mr. Owen (Devon Sawa) himself dropped by for a visit on Nikita, bringing with him a little mess that needed cleaning up. Turns out, he purposely leaked some secret video from the “black box-update” flash drive that showed the U.S. government -- which was really Division -- taking out a Chilean candidate. Unfortunately, this footage was broadcast and it really ticked off the locals causing some major anti-American sentiment. Owen had a bigger plan in mind and needed Nikita’s help to redirect the situation. But, we all know that our girl does not work well with others unless, as she says, it’s “her operation, her rules.” Here’s how Miss N helped Owen turn the Chilean chaos around and blow it up in Division’s face.

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November 12, 2010

Nikita recap: One Way

"Let me get this straight. You expected Alex to actually sleep with you?"

Those crazy assassins…they are just so hard to keep up with. This week on Nikita we saw the teaming-up of all kinds of unusual pairs. First, we had Nikita and Michael playing shoot-em-up, bang-bang together in Uzbekistan, of all places. Then, we had the two girls who are always at each other’s throats, Alex and Jaden, banding together to throw Percy and Amanda off course. Leaving the big question: Will these new allegiances last? Only time will tell. For now, let’s review what brought these power duos together and find out who chose a winning team.

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November 5, 2010

Nikita recap: Phoenix

"What? This is what I do on all my dates. It's called foreplay."

The recruits are slowly leaving the nest. This week on Nikita it was Thom’s turn, and his initiation execution of a Washington D.C. intern named Anna sent both Nikita and Division scrambling in all kinds of directions. Our girl Nikita even found herself in a tricky situation that involved Russians, deadly poison, and a few mojitos. Here’s how she got in and out of the mess without breaking a nail.

Intern and Intrigue
It’s official…Thom has graduated and is now an agent but, as we know, in order to earn those stripes all recruits must prove themselves with a final test. In Thom’s case, he had to bump off Anna the intern so she wouldn’t blab about her affair with a U.S. Senator. Division, in return, wanted the Senator to agree to pass a bill so their agency could continue getting the big bucks. Everything was going smoothly until tada! You-know-who showed up. That’s right, our girl, Nikita. Surprisingly, she turned up late and Thom was able to complete his mission, but this didn’t stop Miss N from getting involved (plus, she saved Anna’s dog, Yoshi.) She quickly delved into Anna’s background and after a few cat and mouse games with Division, Nikita found out that Anna was pregnant and had ordered a paternity test that was still pending.

Read on for time-release toxins and rum-addled cocktails after the jump.

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October 29, 2010

Nikita recap: The Recruit

"Do I want something off the McDonald's dollar menu? I did burn a few calories in that gunfight with Michael...

Is everyone worth saving? Nikita thinks so, and this week she extended her helping hand to a misguided Division recruit named Sara. Unfortunately, as Miss N has learned in the past, not everyone welcomes her attempts at generosity. Some need a little push and, as it turns out, Sara was one of that stripe. No worries, though, we all know how convincing our girl can be. This week, she showed us once again her many powers of persuasion.

Befriending the Recruit
Alex has been doing a great job of keeping Miss N in the loop, and this week was no exception. After befriending Sara in a fight training exercise, Alex learned that Division had chosen her new comrade for their latest mission. Because Sara was one of the less-skilled recruits, Alex became concerned and relayed her distress to Nikita. This was all too familiar territory to the wise Nikita who quickly figured out that Division was sending the gullible girl on a suicide job. Alex, of course, was not too thrilled by this revelation and immediately tried to gather the particulars from Sara. Unfortunately, a brief meeting with Percy had strengthened Sara’s loyalty and she made no plans to give up the goods. Alex, though, had one keen eye and was still able to get a glimpse at some useful details to give to her insightful partner. Now it was Miss N’s turn to step in and try to refocus the ill-advised youth.

Read on for Nikita excellent recruit-handling skills after the jump!

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