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See how Hot Dog buns are made at S. Rosen's Bakery!


Tonight on the WGN Evening News at 5:30, I took a tour of the legendary S. Rosen's bakery - where they make their famous hot dog buns. These aren't just any hot dog buns, S. Rosen's supplies 90% of Chicago's hot dog stands with their buns. In fact, they make about 90,000 buns an hour at this place. It's pretty amazing. Above you'll see a video I put together of our entire tour, how they make the buns from start to finish.

It's the latest of our "We Made" series. A few weeks back I showed you how they made Gelato at Ristorante Al Teatro.

We were at S. Rosen's because this week they're fronting a major charity initiative. In honor of their 100 year anniversary, all week long they're donating 10 cents of each bun they sell to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Northern Illinois Food Bank, America's Second Harvest of Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana Food Bank, and the Chicago Anti-Hunger Foundation. They're hoping to sell 1 million buns, which would raise $100,000 total. You can buy S. Rosen's buns in most grocery stores, and in more than 1,700 hot dog stands across Chicagoland. It's national hot dog month, so grab a dog for a good cause.