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LaGrange: The Best Downtown in Chicagoland?

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At least according to Chicago Magazine it is! In their August "Best-Of" issue, the mag cites the village's great mix of young and old, and it's walkability as strong points. It's pretty neat how chains have managed to converge on the area without forcing out the mom and pop shops. A few of the places we visited:

LaGrange Theatre
80 S. LaGrange Road
(708) 579-2173

Horton's Ace Hardware
60 S. LaGrange Road
(708) 352-2110

Knead Marketplace
13 S. LaGrange Road
(708) 482-7909

So what do you think - does LaGrange have the best downtown in all of suburban Chicagoland? Do you have a favorite downtown that must be seen? Leave a comment and let me know!


Any chance the tv news story on La Grange will be posted online anywhere? Or can it be purchased on tape? Thanks! (MARCUS RESPONSE: Hey Brian! It will be up on the blog online shortly! Stay tuned.)

Hi Marcus

I think my home town has a " that must be seen" downtown. Utica, Il has had quite a make over/come back since our tragic April 20, 2004 Tornado.


Paula Guttilla

Hi Marcus

I think my town has a "downtown that must be seen".
Utica, Il has had quite a come back since our April 20, 2004 Tornado.


Paula Guttilla

Hey Les buddy, You forgot part B of downtown LaGrange. I'ts called the West End Business District. Just follow the tracks , watch for trains, west to Brainard. We're like a kid brother to downtown. You want to see the "Mayberry" side. I'll take ya for a tour! Better yet, bring the whole damn studio with.


That was a great story, Lagrange is a great town, my mother has a owned a store there for a few years, its called the bead merchant at 1 W harris Ave, she makes jewelry, repairs most beaded types of jewelry, does custom work, makes tons of pieces for wedding parties, great gifts, most people even after being in her store don't realize how much she can do, her store is about 90% handmade, by her. She does a great job, repairs anything she made for free, makes size adjustments usually for no charge, and has a great selection. Many of the stores in town have a personality all their own, and have a personal touch. Which is what the town seems to pride itself on.