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Pilates....with your dog


I hope Joseph Pilates was a dog lover. Chicago fitness tycoon Andrea Metcalf is renowned for her unique workout classes. When she had her first child, she figured out a way to incorporate a baby into her routine. And now she has a new baby, an English Bulldog named Wrigley.

Andrea's gotten together with Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society. Together they'll be hosting a weekly class, "Pawsilates," which not only aims to get you off the couch, but that lazy dog of yours as well. Participants will stretch their bodies and flex their muscles, with their best friends right by their sides.

Andrea let us sit in on a run through of the course last night. It's 30 minutes long and will feature plenty of contorting and flex-banding. As for the animals, they'll get to walk around in circles, and if they're small enough, they might be picked up and used as resistance. You have to see the video, it'll air on the WGN News tonight at 5:30 and 9:00.

You might hear a few chuckles in the background, that was me trying my best not to bust up. The participants had just as much fun. As for the dogs? Wait until you see the nice massage the class ends with. That's the life right there.

anti-cruelty logo.gifIf you want to try Pawsilates for yourself....

WHAT: Pawsilates Workout Class
WHERE: Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society, 159 W. Grand (Grand & Lasalle)
WHEN: Five weekly Wednesday classes. 6 p.m. class for dogs under 25 lbs., 6:30 p.m. class for dogs over 25 lbs.
COST: $10 for one class, or $45 for all five classes.
WHY: To get you and your dog in shape. And all (100%) of the proceeds go to the Anti-Cruelty Society, who put 5,000 animals into adoption each year.