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Neil Funk Talks With Rookie James Johnson

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A lot of people sat that Bosh is the better player. Bosh is a great player with a great low post presence, but I think Stoudemire is the player to go after. He is continuing to improve and I think his next season will be one of his best with the bulls. He will not cost as much and he is more of an ecstatic player with great energy, and is less selfish. He will play much better with Noah. Back to the money, he is going to be a couple million less then Bosh, so the bulls can get a good shooting guard like Randy Foye or TJ Ford. Forget Boozer, although a great player, he is a last resort. Keep Deng! Rose, Noah, and Deng are the 3 long term players for the bulls. What's the point of getting rid of an 18ppg player. He works great for the bulls, and he's a perfect fit where he is. Taj Gibson can be a good backup for Deng or Amare, as good as he's been this year, he is still a rookie, not a starter. Go for Stoudemire! Go Neil!

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