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The Bulls Circus trip rolls into Portland this evening with the squad looking to make up for the loss Saturday night in Denver.  This figures to be a tough test for Chicago tonight in The Rose Garden, where they have lost the last 2 meetings.  Last season Portland swept the Bulls for the second consecutive season and the 10th time in franchise history. The Trail Blazers won by an average of 28 points in the two games, their largest average margin of victory against any team last year.  The Bulls should be able to keep it much closer than that this year because they are a much better defensive team.  Tonight the Bulls must contain LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden.
After tonight's game the Bulls will get a few days rest before facing the Jazz on Thanksgiving evening on WGN.  Thanks for checking in and enjoy Bulls basketball on Channel 9!



Can't you as a broadcaster tell the NBA they need some consistency in the referres in the league. Watching the Bulls-Atlanta game when in the third quarter Heinrich was hit with a ticky tac foul, argued the call and got hit with a T. Can't you do something about the inconsistencies. You and Neil talk about them all the time and I'm sure since you are so close to the action on court you can see them as well.

Thanks for listening.

When in the world is Tryus Thomas going to return to action. We need some defense as well as some offense. Thanks Sky King.

Did anyone notice the Knicks inbound the ball with 28 seconds left to Duhon-who then held the ball for 14 seconds before dribbling? The ref was right on top of the play. What am I missing? I also did not hear Stacey or Neil comment on this.


He's back and the Bulls have won 4 straight!!!!!! Can you say I-M-P-A-C-T Player!!!!!!!

I have been watching the Bulls since the Michael Jordan era! (& yes, I am that old) I love the conversation between you and Neil,(your humor always makes me laugh!) but most of all I love this team. They have so much energy. Thanks to you and Neil for entertaining me throughout the home games.............and, Stacey, you really don't have that many postings on your blog, so I wouldn't give Neil a hard time.


Thanks for being a fan Patty. This is a very good team even though their record doesn't indicate it. This team has some very good young talent to build on and just needs to stay healthy and play more consistently to build a contender in the Eastern Conference. Wow Patty you really do watch the game....I'm impressed that you heard our plug about our respective blogs..LOL...Well again thanks for your question and Happy New Year. SK

Your name should be Stacey "again" King. You use "again" at least 40-50 times per game. I counted last week and it was 47 times at least. I probably missed some. You do a good job. You don't need to stick that useless word in every conversation.


What happens if a team only has 8 players dressed, and 3 foul out in the 3rd quarter?, and the other 5 have between 3-5 fouls each? Can a 5th player foul out and the game would be forfeited, or would something else happen? A conversation that arose during the GS game.

You need to coach the Bulls - period!

I just want to say that its bcuz of stacey kings on air commentary I became a big fan of his. Stacey since you are not pickn on neil til next month how about bill wennington?

Your over-use of the word "again" has gotten out of control. I used to watch every game. A 25 year die hard fan. Not any more. Improve your game. Respect your profession. Get some help. It's annoying to say the least. You use the word almost every minute of every game. Get some speech therapy. You do a nice job otherwise...insightful, analytical, critical, fun, etc. But you will continue to drive many, many viewers away if you ignore this bad habit that is getting worse every game. Please listen to some tapes...50-75 times a game! Ouch

Hey Stacey! Heard you on the game tonight schooling Neil Funk on how he should answer his fans on his blog! You are a riot to listen to! Thanks!

Do you think Tyrus Thomas should be traded stacey tel the true

Hey Stacey! Do you know if it is possible to watch the BULLS away games online? I have the NBA League pass, but the only TV feed is of whatever home team it is. So if the BULLS are away i dont have a chance to listen to you and Neil on TV. Let me know if CSN has any type of package or something.

Ohhh myyy gooodddnneneeessss

Hey Stacey: Do you have any idea if the Bulls are still actively pursuing T-Mac? I think that they should trade Miller, James, Thomas/Salmons, and even potentially a 1st rd pick for him for 2 reasons:
1) The most obvious - cap room for next sumemr
2) While he is clearly not in his prime, he is not a has-been. He isn't even that old and can probably still give us a good 15-20 ppg. The main issue with the current bulls team is the persistent scoring drought that hits us every game; even in Fridays win against New Orleans, we had a huge drought in the 4th quarter that almost cost us the game. If D-Rose isn't hitting shots, McGrady will be able to take over the game and get shots that no other bull could get because of McGrady's unique combination of size and skill.
So hopefully Mr. Forman has been talking to Houston because I feel that the deal would help the bulls not only in the lnog run but in the short run as well.

Stacey, keep the 'one liners' coming...they are classic. My friends and i love to say them, these are some of our favorites.
"Ohhh he broke his ankles!"
"Ohhh stop it! Dont do it like that!"
"Sniper in the building."
"Taj comin with his hard had and lunch pail"
"I dont want a massage i want a facial!"
"Neil, stop drinking your "Hateraid"

.....or how about
"block party"
"got his suitcase ready to travel" (something like that)
"did you not get the memo"


Do you ever read the Bulls Forum?

Stace Illa I luv the one liners too-

My other fav is "Mouse in da house"

Keep the roadrunner Meep Meeps coming too!

Go Bulls!

Stacey, you are a block party kid, did you get my memo

Devin Brown was a starter in New Orleans, hitting 6 threes against us in a game, and yet Vinny refuses to use him, even when Captain Klank struggles? Here are some other players who went on to help some pretty good NBA teams, after not being able to find PT with the Bulls, Bruce Bowen, J.R. Smith, Shannon Brown, & Roger Mason, Jr.

Stacy, I've watched every one of the bulls games and I am a life long bulls fan. I love your commentary whenever brad dunks because I can tell you can't believe it either. My question is how has JJ been doing in practice? He already seems like a fan favorite with his style of play and his excitement seems contagious. We are short on big bodies for the next little while while jo is out and deng is not quite 100%, so do you think he give us a good chance to win off the bench?
Also brad dunked on shawn marion and did not get a poster, I understand we were losing, but that needs to be sent out immediately!

Hey Stacey...what happened to the Bulls 'Heart?' Tonight's game against Utah, they just gave up in the 4th quarter. Once Rose went out, the team just imploded with a bunch of turnovers and had no interest to play it seems. With this road trip coming up i dont know how the Bulls can get any wins with out the 'Attitude.'

I miss Norm's honesty and to remind us all of that honesty....
I hope this turns around...

Thank you, Stacy! These refs are driving me crazy. When they make a mistake, I am ready for them to make up on the next call, but they don't! Thanks for supporting Vinnie for supporting his team & getting a technical.I still think the Bulls can pull this off (it's the beginning of the 4th)

Stacey did you hear the Derrick Rose Theme Song. Its Hott its on youtube type in "Derrick Rose Theme Song" its amazing

Bosh or Stoudemire
A lot of people sat that Bosh is the better player. Bosh is a great player with a great low post presence, but I think Stoudemire is the player to go after. He is continuing to improve and I think his next season will be one of his best with the bulls. He will not cost as much and he is more of an ecstatic player with great energy, and is less selfish. He will play much better with Noah. Back to the money, he is going to be a couple million less then Bosh, so the bulls can get a good shooting guard like Randy Foye or TJ Ford. Forget Boozer, although a great player, he is a last resort. Keep Deng! Rose, Noah, and Deng are the 3 long term players for the bulls. What's the point of getting rid of an 18ppg player. He works great for the bulls, and he's a perfect fit where he is. Taj Gibson can be a good backup for Deng or Amare, as good as he's been this year, he is still a rookie, not a starter. Go for Stoudemire! Thanks Stacy.


Just wanted to say that I enjoy all of your play by play analysis of the games. You and Neil make a great team and I'm looking forward to you guys being back next year for the 2010-2011 season. Hopefully we can catch up to Toronto for that 8th spot and go deeper than the first round this year. I love all of your catchy comments that you make during the game. I sometimes find my self using them. "If your scared then go by a dog." one of my favs. Get back to your peeps lol hope to hear from you soon.

ps. Honestly who would be the most ideal free agent to come to Chicago? I think we could really use Joe Johnson. What are your thoughts?

-Dustin O'Connor

Stacy, I was wondering which bulls player was not let into the bulls facility because he looked so young that the security guard did not believe that he was on the team?

Hey Stacey!

Why aren't you in the calandar they passed out during preseason? I think it would have been cool if you had a page since you won championships and are still an important part of the Bulls family.

Also, what do you think about this new technical foul rule? Will it last? From a few of the games I've watched some of the refs are calling Ts left and right. I understand some guys complain too much but some guys seem to just be reacting (as we all would) to hearing a whistle and not thinking there was a foul.

Will the refs not call as many in regular season games? Also, how likely is it that players like Kobe, Lebron, etc. will have Ts called on them for that?

Thanks. Hope you had a great summer!

- Carol

wassup stacey king!!!! how is rondo ahead of D-Rose in the allstar voting???? Boston fans need to have common sense and stop voting for rondo... come on now D-Rose the the MVP of the league..... Drose= Chi-Town hero.....

P.S can u hook me up with a couple of tickets cause i cant afford it.... thanks :)

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