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The injury to Tyrus Thomas and the fact that the Bulls are on the verge of the annual November "Circus Trip" out west will provide Coach Vinny Del Negro many question marks. It will be important to get the rookies some quality playing time. Taj Gibson will start. He has done a great job coming off the bench and has played well as a starter.  James Johnson is also going to have to get some playing time. He has almost become the "forgotten man" here in the regular season. I thought he played very well in the preseason.  The Bulls will need to find a way to depend on Johnson. It is also going to force the Bulls to play a bigger lineup.  Luol Deng is probably going to play some power forward.  Chicago will miss Tyrus' shot blocking. I think in the long run it is not going to have the impact it would have last season. I'm sure Vinny would love to have Tyrus back, but I don't think it will hurt as bad as everybody thinks.

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Stacey I'm a die hard bulls fan that lives in Las Vegas. I made sure I went to the Thomas an Mack center to check out the bulls summer league. I was very impressed with James Johnson, he played like a man child. I told all my basketball friends to watch out for Johnson he's a beast. But the only beast he can be is to terrorize the people on the side line.Because He's so deep on the bench that you would need a scuba diver to get him out. Now I lived over 30 years in chicago and seen a lot of sorry coaches and a lot of bad bulls teams, this year I thought getting rid of Ben Gordon would open up things for D Rose. which it did but bad coaching is doing us in again.When James start getting time the bulls will find that they already got what they think they need, sitting deep on the bench. Yes the bulls need some inside presence which I saw go to work in the summer league. Why go after Boozer so he can bring his injury prone butt to Chicago. We always tend to pick up guys when their not worth the hair on a mare mules ass.Sorry about the comparison. I know you remember these players the bulls picked up from the senior citizen tour.George Gervin,Kendall Gill ,PJ Brown,Little Ben Wallace and recently Linsey Hunter. Now all these players were good at some point in their career, but by the time the bulls picked them up they were only good role models. Its about time the bulls stop wasting spots on the roster for role players and get some real basketball players to take their spot. So when needed the coach will have some horses to get in the game and not some old used up mules. I here everyone on Tv refer to Linsey as a great role model for Derrick Rose. Yes Linsey will show him how to be a professional and how to dress,but he needs a role model that can actually still dribble a basketball. Don't get me wrong Linsey not a bad guy,he's a piston legend, so let him go and retire with the enemy.

Bulls has taken such a step back in the wrong direction, that it'[s to late this year to do anything, fire the coach in start fresh in 2010.
D. Rose need to play like he did in college, stop bull crapping around with the ball, take control of the game.


Have faith my friend...I know the season has been frustrating at times for Bulls fans especially with the way the team played last year in the 2nd half and in the Boston series. Coming into this season the expectations were very high and with the Bulls starting off 6-4 everyone was really excited. The Bulls had the toughest early season schedule in the NBA at the start and throw in injuries to key players like Rose, Hinrich and Thomas you can see why this team struggled early in the season. Well everyone is pretty much healthy and the Bulls have reeled off 4 straight wins. Rose and Noah are playing like All Stars and Thomas has given them a big boost with his return to the lineup. Let's not give up on them yet because this team when healthy is capable of making a serious playoff push like they did last season when all the experts wrote them off after a similar 1st half start to the season. YOU GOT TO BELIEVE Darren!!!!!


Great observation the Bulls should hire you as one of their west coast scouts.....I agree with you that James Johnson is the real deal but unfortunately the summer league isn't the NBA as the rookie is finding out the hard way. I think Johnson is going to be a very good player in this league he just needs to get consistent minutes this year. He has size, speed and can handle the ball extremely well and can play multiple minutes. To get more playing time he is going to have to earn the trust of Vinnie and his coaching staff and that starts in practice with his effort and work ethic. Once he does that when he gets his opportunities in the game he has to play under control whether he plays 1 minute or 40 minutes. One of the problems with young players like James is that they're so used to being the man in college and playing 40 minutes a game and doing whatever they want to do on the floor but when they get to the NBA level that doesn't always happen and it can be frustrating to them. I believe this kid along with Rose, Gibson, Thomas and Noah are a good young building block to get this franchise back among the elite teams in the league we just have to let them grow and develop into the players we all think they should be which will be frustrating at times but rewarding in the end when they reach their true potential. Thanks for the comments and the next time you're in Thomas Mack look up in the rafters you'll see my name as being the highest scoring player in that building. I lit Jerry Tarkainian's Runnin Rebels up for 49 points back in 1989 which is a record for a opposing player with my Oklahoma Sooner team.....Take care and Happy New Year!!!!

Hey Stacey! Why didn't you sign JJ's dunk.

Stacey, I hope you can answer my questions. What is a small forward? Are we talking physical size? And, what is "going small"? I am a 73 year old female sports fan and ALL those guys look large to me. LOL...
Thanks so much for your time and for the great victory last evening.

Stacey, I have so enjoyed your commentary of the Bulls Games I have been a Bulls fan since Artis Gilmore, Dave Corzine, Brad Sellers, Sam Vincent Charles Oakley, and of course Michael Jeffery Jordan. The Bulls are showing much promise these days but just like in times past we missed a lot of great opportunities to pick-up quality players, Rolando Blackman. Jordan longed to play beside him never did. Let's fast forward to present day opportunities: I simply love Dwayne Wades game and of course a Chicago native but I think Rose would pull back a little and let D. Wade run things and that would NOT BE GOOD. Its Derricks team he needs a no. 2 man and I believe Tracy McGrady is the MAN. I know people believe he has peaked and is on the down hill of his career I strongly disagree. He has great skills and has still much more to give. Can you say Grant Hill I knew you could. Another plus he knows Coach Doc. Rivers well and would make us so much deeper during the playoffs. He is knowledgeable and knows how to close a game out. He is an assist man so he will share the ball and the load of responsibility wtih Rose. He won't have to slow down like he did for Ya Ming and there is no communication barrier. He has a bitter taste in his mouth and is very hungry. The Bulls must get deeper in order to go further in the playoffs. We still need and low post threat but Tracy would put the bulls one step closer. Less not for get you don't have to have a great post player just fundementally sound. We won with Will Purdue, Bill Cartwright, Luc Lonely and yourself none were all-stars but because Mike and Scottie were the dominant pieces if you doubled we had inside options. We all know it takes three to win. Rose and Tracy McGrady would give us a two for sure and Joakim Noah may prove to be our third.

I noticed something the other day during the Bulls Houston Game. Ariza is wearing T-Mac's Number he is not Returning to Houston he can continue to wear Red and come to Chi-Towm and team up with Derrick and it will be a Rose Parade in Grant Park. Boston's getting old. Cleveland still relys to much on James. Orlando's defense is not there. I know we have a shot a good shot Let's go Shopping!

I left you a comment thanking you for taking the time at the close of the Charlotte/Bulls game to have a picture taken with me. But, it isn't listed on your site. Just wanted you to know that the time you took even though you were packing up to leave the arena in Charlotte made my day. Actually it made my year. What a great memory from my favorite broadcaster of NBA games. Neil and you are way beyond those who talk way too much about activities other than the game being played.(ESPN and TNT especially) Keep up the GREAT work. (Please acknowledge you have received this complimentary comment. I hope to see you at my next Bulls game for another memorable picture.)

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