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Are the Bulls a Play-off Team?

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If someone asked me 'Have the Bulls played like a play-off team?', I would have to answer 'no.'

But that doesn't mean they are out of the race by any means.   One year ago, the Bulls were a game under .500 at this point in the season and came within a game of taking the 6th seed in the East and fought the Celtics to a 7th game in the first round.  

There are a number of teams with similar records to the Bulls.    Just a short little 3 or 4 game winning streak will put the Bulls front of teams like Indiana, New York or Detroit.

Before tonight's game against Atlanta, Vinny Del Negro said Tyrus Thomas is about a week away from playing again.  At the start of the season, I thought one of the Bulls' greatest strenghts was their depth.   With Hinrich and Thomas out with injuries, Vinny has had to put guys in unfamiliar positions and guys have racked up extended minutes.   Tyrus can play a couple of different positions and he can defend a couple positions, so Vinny will have more versatility with his roster and that, I think, will benefit the Bulls in the weeks to come.

                                                                                       -Neil Funk


The Bulls definitely need a coaching change quick!!!
The theme this year was to play defense! In all my years watching the bulls, to me, this is the worst Bulls defense, that i have ever seen, including after MJ retired!!
The Bulls give up way too many easy baskets! They need to be more physical!!
We need a coach say like Scottie Pippen to lead this team, and we better do it quick, or the season will be over soon!!! The chemistry is not right, and we really don't have a go to player when the heat is on!! Rose is good, but to me he is not a go to guy!!

Thank You!!

Max Stock


As my man Lee Corso would say " Hold it not so fast my friend".....Bulls have had some key injuries to key players for most of the season. To be fair to Vinnie lets see what he can do with a full roster of healthy players. So far the Bulls are 4-0 since the return of Tyrus Thomas and yes its still early but they're playing much better as a team. Thanks for the question. SK

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