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New Lineup for the Bulls

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Vinny Del Negro is putting Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson into the starting lineup primarily because he saw the Bulls were not getting off to good starts in games.   He's trying to get some more focus and energy at the beginning of games.   This is not a reflection on Brad Miller or John Salmons.   No one expected Brad Miller to play starters' minutes - his role was to come off the bench and spell Joakim Noah or Tyrus Thomas.  

It's no secret that John Salmons was struggling with his shot.   Bringing John off the bench is a way to get him going and he does provide a scoring threat as part of the 2nd unit.

The next 9 games for the Bulls presents another "critical" stretch for the team.   We all thought December would be "critical"...coming off of the West Coast road trip.   But with 9 games against a lot of sub-.500 teams, the Bulls have a chance to gain some ground and get back to .500.    The Bulls need to beat the teams they are supposed to beat and get some wins at home and this next part of the schedule gives them that opportunity.


                                                                                         -Neil Funk


I feel Kirk Hinrich should play point as he starts these next couple of games. We know how good he is at point with Ben Gordon, so let's see how he is with D. Rose. Plus this gives a chance for the Bulls to put plays for Rose as the shooting guard.

stacy how come the bulls want pay for better players and d rose need to score more in order to get more wins.

you are doing a great job !


It's tough to go on major shopping sprees like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox's in the NBA. Unfortunately the NBA has a salary cap which restricts teams from free spending and signing any players to big contracts that they want to. Try to imagine if there was no salary cap in the NBA and teams could spend whatever they wanted to like the Yankees. If that was the case the NBA would probably consist of only a handful teams like the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Miami, Phoenix and Cleveland to name just a few. To be honest there might not be a NBA if that were to happen because most of the teams that I didn't list wouldn't be able to compete with these franchises and the smaller market teams would fold. So a salary cap is important for league structure and balance among the NBA teams. Rose is going to be an All Star and elite player in this league. I believe he has to be more selfish with the basketball because he is the best player on this team and they need him to be more aggressive with his scoring. Derrick is to unselfish to a fault but he has big time talent and has the potential to be a great player for many years to come. Hope that answered your question KW. Have a Happy New Year!!!!


I agree with you 100 percent...Kirk is a better starter then reserve to me and it's showing in the Bulls 4 game win streak. Vinnie putting Kirk and Taj Gibson in the starting lineup has given the Bulls a injection of energy. Now you bring Salmons, Thomas and Miller off the bench and you have boost in that department as well. Bulls have won 5 of 7 and are looking like they gotten through the rough stretch but it's still a long season but I like what I see so far. Take care and thanks for the comments. Happy New Year!!!!!


Thanks for the compliment and may you have a great New Year. Keep watching the Bulls on WGN as well!!! Take care and thanks again for the compliment. SK

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