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Stacey King - Round Two vs Atlanta

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Stacey King.jpgBack on December 9th the Bulls took it on the chin from the high-flying Hawks, who happen to have the third best record in the Eastern Conference. The Bulls turned the ball over 19 times giving Atlanta a bunch of easy baskets, runouts and fastbreak points. If it is going to be different tonight, here in Chicago, the Bulls must take advantage of the crowd at the United center.  Even though Atlanta is coming in winning eight of their last ten games and are winning at home by an average of thirty-plus points, but it will be different playing on the road. The Bulls can't start slowly vs this Atlanta team. They must come out and get off to a good start and hope to catch Atlanta on their heels. A problem for the Bulls this season is falling behind early. This requires even that much more effort to get back in the game. The fourth quarter has also given the Bulls fits this season. Atlanta's Jamal Crawford must be contained. He came off the bench in the first meeting and scored 29 points. They need to be physical with Crawford. Also, the Bulls have to keep playing good defense. The effort has been there. They had a shot a beating the Lakers by shutting down the driving lanes. They will need to do this tonight vs the Hawks. Atlanta is one of the elite teams in the East and has a shot at making it to the Finals, if they stay healthy. Mike Bibby was playing with an injury but looks healthy now. The Bulls can't play sluggish early.

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Hi Stacey,

Didn't have a question but I just wanted to thank you and Neil Funk for delivering a great play by play in tonight's great game against the Hawks. I don't pay for NBA cable access but am lucky to watch the Bulls on WGN America from here in NJ. Just wanted to tell you two to keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next telecast on Saturday against the Hornets.

Best Regards,

P.S. oh, btw - when you did that voice impersonation of Bill Cartwright during the final quarter of the Lakers game, I was laughing so hard. It'll be one of the best moments of watching Bulls basketball this year for me! Just curious - did it get back to Bill? I'm assuming if it did, he'd probably have a huge laugh about it being the great guy that he is!

Stacey, you talk often about the Bulls needing to get to the basket. How can they stop those lapses where it seems they go a quarter settling for jump shots the whole time?


When will Tyus Thomas be back and what will he add to the Bulls?


He's back and the Bulls are 4-0.....Thanks for the comments. SK


Two words...mental toughness.....The Bulls have to start understanding game situations and when a jumper is okay to shoot and when to drive the ball to the hole. That is one of the things I think that drives Bulls fan crazy is this team has the ability to get to the basket but sometimes settles for jump shots instead? Why you ask? I honestly think it's because they're open and they feel that since they're open it's okay to shoot that shot. Well it's okay to shoot that shot earlier in the game and in late game situation when a teammate drives to the hoop and gets the defense to collapse in the lane in a drive a kick situation. But to swing the ball in a two pass situation and cast up a long jump shot isn't okay and that is where the Bulls have trouble when they go for stretches in a quarter to find offense. You can get a jump shot on every single possession in an NBA game if you want to but late game situations they need to attack the basket and get to the foul line especially if the game is close. Thanks for the comments. SK


Thanks for the compliment it means a lot. BTW Bill Cartwright is the best guy in the world and he was such a great mentor to me when we played for the Bulls during the championship runs. He always liked me doing the impersonation of his voice because I'm the only one that could actually sound like him...LOL. Thanks for the comment. SK

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