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The Bulls New Year's Resolutions - Stacey King

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Stacey King.jpgThe first thing the Bulls need in the New Year is for everyone to be healthy. They seem to be getting closer to that goal. Tyrus Thomas will be back after missing six weeks with a broken forearm which will add to their frontcourt depth, give them more athleticism and provide a true shot blocker. Tyrus will also create havoc on the defensive end.

The second resolution should be to put four solid quarters together in a game. They have struggled with doing that in the last three to four weeks. They have played two good quarters or three good quarters and they have that one bad quarter that defines them for the rest of the game. When the Bulls have played a tough four quarters they show how good of a team they have the chance of being. We saw it earlier in the season before the west coast trip, when they were over .500. They played an entire game and tough defense. They got away from that after that trip and find themselves struggling right now.

The Bulls must find a way to get everybody on the same page on both ends of the court. When you are losing, like the Bulls have been losing, players feel that they have to do too much to get back on a good streak.This ends up forcing you to take bad shots or make bad decisions with the basketball. You need to trust your teammates, trust the system that the coaching staff scripts out and play hard every night. If they play hard every night and beat the teams they should beat and if they can occasionally steal a game from a team that is supposed to win you might find yourself battling for a playoff spot. The Bulls have played down to bad teams this season. That must stop.

The final resolution is to play in a playoff type atmosphere. December is almost over. It was supposed to be a kind month for the Bulls because they had a lot of home games. As we know it didn't play out that way. In the second half they will have to look at every game as a playoff caliber game. There are no hiccups here. You can't have any hiccups the rest of the way. There aren't enough games left to let any one of them slide through the cracks.

Thanks for your comments and questions. Keep them coming.  Be sure to tune in for the Bulls hosting The New Orleans Hornets tonight on WGN and WGN America at 7pm ct.

-Stacey King


Hi Stacey, Wishing you a Merry Christmas time and a wonderful new year, one that may bring you back to head coaching ;-)
I hope this Team settles on a starting 5, then a solid rotation of mainly 8 players.
Very disappointng to see Salmons struggle as he has. I think the Hinrich move to the lineup was necessary. Next I hope Tyrus gets back to the lineup. that should provide your best 5. Then these guys need to lead. They need to understand what VDN wants, show it to the rest of the team, so they can come in w/o a drop off. That trust you speak off I beleive needs to come from a set and shorter rotation. Vinny then needs to make sure this rotation has the understanding and the knowledge to make proper decisions on the court. This all seems to have gone away this year, when it should be flourishing after last seasons finish. Let's hope for
a good run the rest of the the way!

hello Stacey, these two teams rarely play each other but they have alot of the same players, most notebly tyson chandler and jannaro pargo. but others like p j brown. and songila . i love both of these teams and i hope both turn the season around and contend in both the east and west playoffs. lets go hornets and lets go bulls.

Everybody is so ready to get rid of Vinnie... but I don't see it.

No way Vinnie will be coach next year. But that doesnt mean you let him go now.

We want to make a serious run at Free Agents this summer... what better way than to gain some leverage over the other teams then asking them which coach they would prefer? This approach makes so much sense to me. However, this would mean that if you fire Vinnie, you are stuck with an interim coach again.

We endured half of a season with interim coach Boylan ... was he that much better than Skiles? Absolutely Not!

... as long as Vinnie has the guys playing hard, why bother canning him.

Thanks and Go Bulls!

Great insight Stacey. Yes, we've been struggling lately and any fan will tell you their going into a Bulls depression as we speak. However, we must not give up on our team and keep our heads up. We always come strong down the stretch and always compete hard in the playoffs, regardless of what seed we are. Our last 4 playoff trips, each series has gone at least 6 games, and although we only made it to the 2nd round once, each series could have gone either way.

In light of our troubles, I made a Chicago Bulls: Inch By Inch Video to show our fans that we must keep our heads up and believe in our team for the whole season.

Here it is

Hope you can promote this video to our fans Stacey. We need it.


Hey Stacey, can someone get John S. out of his shooting funk? Does he need a shooting coach?

Stacey, would you ever be interested in coaching again?

Hey stacy & neil great job of making the games sound exciting............... keep up the good work.


I really enjoyed my time coaching in the CBA it was a great experience and I learned a lot but I really enjoy what I'm doing now with the Bulls. One of the main reasons I stopped coaching was it took me away from by family. Coaching is a tough job and it's a 365, 24 hour day job and I just felt with 3 young boys I needed to be home more and enjoy watching them grow up because you don't get those special moments back with your children especially when you miss them because your job requires you to. But you never say never and who knows what the future brings but for now I love what I'm doing and I'd hate not working with my partner Neil Funk because he's the best!!!!


John is going to be alright trust me on this one so there's no need to panic. He just lost a little confidence in his shot but he'll find it sooner then later. One of the problems I see with John is that he has gotten away from attacking the basket and getting to the foul line. He is one of the best slashers on the team and when he attacks the basket and puts pressure on the defense that's when he's at his best. I think coming off the bench will relax him a little and though he may not like agree with the decision it will get his game back on track. Players in the NBA have a thing about being a starter but my thinking is when you're going to get 35 to 40 minutes a game does it really matter if you start or come off the bench? The key to this question is "What is best for the team or What can I do to help the team win? John will be key in the 2nd half of the season if the Bulls are going to make the playoffs and beyond. So hope that answered your question Adam take care and Happy New Year!!!


Well said my friend...You should be writing my blog LOL.... You made some great points and the bottom line is that the NBA is a long season and anything can happen as we witnessed last season with this team. Have faith Bulls fan because now that this team is healthy I see them making the playoffs. Hey they've won 4 games in a row and 5 of their last 7 games and not to mention they've beaten two of the Eastern conferences top teams in Atlanta and Orlando within a 2 week span. So Lino I'm glad to see you've not gotten off the Bulls express yet....Though the trip has been a little bumpy stay on board baby because the train is back on track. Happy New Year!!!!!!


I know it's easy to blame the Bulls sluggish start on Vinnie and it's only natural that fans will do that..But lets be honest here. The Bulls started the season 6-4 and the team was playing really well then key injuries to Rose, Hinrich and Thomas not to mention other players like Noah, Pargo and Gibson were playing hurt most of the early part of the season. Throw in that they had the toughest early season schedule of any team in the NBA and you can see their slow start. Vinnie has done the best job he can do under those difficult circumstances. If you take away any teams top 4 or 5 players I'm willing to bet you that they'd be in the same boat as the Bulls. Okay losing to the Nets and teams that they should beat easily even without one or two of those players in the lineup is tough to swallow and should never happen but it did. So where do we go from here? The players have to man up and take some responsibility for the teams play too. I don't remember seeing Vinnie out there shooting a jump shot or grabbing a rebound or guarding players? The Bulls have won 4 games in a row since Tyrus Thomas has been back in the lineup so now that team is healthy and Vinnie has players at his disposal lets see how this team plays in the 2nd half. How soon we forget that the Bulls were struggling last year up until the All Star break until John Paxson made a trade that brought Salmons and Miller to Chicago. The team is healthy now and have won 5 of 7 games with 2 of those wins coming against top Eastern Conference teams Atlanta and Orlando so lets not be to quick to jump off the Bulls Express yet!!!! Swish thanks for the comments and hope I answered your question. Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!


Well both these teams are better then what they're playing right now. Who would've thought the Hornets would be 2-13 on the road so far this season? The Bulls are a much better team then they're playing right now as well. Of the two teams the Bulls have a better chance to make the playoffs this year then the Hornets. The Hornets play in the Western Conference and if you can't be at least .500 on the road in that conference you won't make the playoffs because there is to many good teams. The Bulls have the edge in making the playoffs because after the top 4 teams in the conference Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and Orlando 5 thru 8 is wide open for the Bulls to make a jump with solid play in the second half of the season. The Bulls have beaten 3 of the top 4 teams this year and it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they couldn't beat 2 or maybe 3 of those teams in a playoff series. I know I'm sipping on that Red and Black kool aid right about now but again other then Boston if the Bulls make the playoffs and have to play one of the other 3 teams I listed who on that list scares you.....My point exactly....Take care and thanks for the comments.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Well it looks like Vinnie has settled in on a set rotation. He has gone from only playing 6 or 7 players to playing a solid rotation of 9 players which is working and the Bulls have won 4 straight games. I wish he'd find some minutes for Jannero Pargo as well because he can help take some pressure off of Rose and Hinrich at one of the guard spots. Tyrus being back has been a huge lift for this team because he brings energy, defense and tremendous athletic ability that the team was missing while he was out with injury. Bulls seem to have weathered the storm but there is a lot of basketball left but I like the way they're playing right now. Thanks for the comment and take care.

Hey Stacey,
Watched you in awe when you were at OU with Mookie, Sieger, Grant, Bell and the guys.. Sure miss those days with Billy Ball... and especailly miss the smile and dice roll when you made a great play.. Hope you get back to OU and show the new guys what heart is. Thanks for the great times.

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