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Stacey King answers your questions Bulls Fans!!!

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Stacey King.jpgDale asked me "who should have the ball for the Bulls at the end of the game?" after the Bulls lost at Charlotte last week.  You know my answer to this question and it's simply 2 words....Derrick Rose. He is the one player on the Bulls roster that forces teams to account for on defense. He can put pressure on their defense with his ability to get to the paint and get to the line but it also forces defenses to collapse which leaves wide open shots for the Bulls open shooters. Hope that answered your question.

Mary wrote in to tell me her grandmother was a big Bulls fans and watches us. Mary, my prayers and thoughts go out to your Grandmother. Let her know that I said hello and wish her a full recovery. Tell her to keep watching her Bulls and hopefully we can win some games for her. God bless and Happy New Year.

Steve asked what I thought Taj Gibson's future was in the league.  Taj is going to be in this league for a lot of years. He is solid and dependable and a hard worker and he brings it every single night and this is just his rookie year. Is he an All Star type player? Who knows the answer to this question but if I was to compare him to one player in the NBA it would be Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat. If you're building a championship caliber team you need a player like Gibson because he brings toughness and the willingness to do the little things that go unnoticed by fans but are appreciated by coaches. Hope that answered your question.

Keep those questions coming! Thanks.





Watsup Stacey!
I love watching the bulls play..but is it just me or does it seem like Vinny Del Negro calls time-outs that seem to completely deflate the team?? Another thing I dont like about HC is that it seems like he doesn't know his own team at times..ex. I remember a game where Derek Rose started out red-hot and he got a couple fouls so he took him out towards the end of the quarter and the team was STRUGGLING, he didnt end up putting the STAR player back in until we were down by like 6 or 7 with 5 mins left. He is TERRIBLE at handling the little things in my opinion and I would really like it if they fired him he is not HC worthy I think he would be better as an assistant or something on the side but I dont think that his brain leading the bulls will get us anywhere!!

Stacey, why are you so negative toward the Bulls? Sounds like you are jealous of these young men. My friends and I can't stand listening to you. If the bulls make a great play, you say it's because the other team made a mistake.Other announcers like Doug Collins give the team their credit for what they do. You brag on every other team in the league. You act as if though you are the grand pumu of basketball. I thought you were the announcer for the bulls. We don't need to hear all of your negative remarks. Stick to your job "Color" you are not a coach. Stacey, it is sickning. STOP IT!!!

Stacey, I was wondering why weren't YOU the coach for the Bulls?


Help a Bulls fan out. We need Chris Bosh. Can you pass along this trade to Pax?

To Bulls: Chris Bosh and Sonny Weems
To Raptors: David West, John Salmons and #1 Picks
To Hornets: Tyrus Thomas and Jannero Pargo

If Bosh wants out of Toronto, why not Chicago? It's a nice trade for each team.


Chris - Illinois

Stacy what's up playa? love watchin you and Neil do the broadcasts it is hillarious! My question for you is why are the Bulls so inconsistent? It seems like some nights they look so sharp and really hustle for 48 minutes (Celtics, Atlanta, Orlando), and other nights it looks like they are confused, or just plain apathetic out there (New York,Golden State, Sacramento). In your opinion is this due to the Bulls being a young team, or are they just not that good?

Need a good coach! Lose to GS and LAC and beat Phx, Hou, and SA that is the coaches fault. Trade Tyrus that would be utterly stupid he is the most Athletic player in the NBA Mikey Wished he could jump like him. Look out Kobie, LeBron, and Dade Wade, Tyrus is coming to get you guys. He is Technicialy a rookie.

what's up stacey ? 1st I love it when you and funk call the bulls games so let the haters hate. but my question is about kirk do you think it would be a huge mistake to trade him ? especially for garbage like sasha and adam from the lakers.

Stacey you are the man. My friends and I are constantly quoting your calls during the games. We were just wondering whether you brainstorm and write down some of the calls you make during the games or if you come up with them all on the spot?

Stacey.....I like your work, you're a good announcer, but you do one thing that is not good at all....every single replay, every one, you introduce with 'here it is right here'......not good announcing, you have to vary your commentary, you can't say the same thing every time....please improve.

r. lang

Just wanted to say thanks for taking picture with my son on 10-10-10 at the UC. You helped me earn some well needed cool points!!!!

I noticed that when the other team is shooting free throws, in between the first one and the second, the ref hands Carlos Boozer the ball and he sort of squeezes it and hands it back to the ref. My husband says I'm imagining things. Am I?'re a good announcer and a nice guy but you do something that drives me and others crazy and I'm hoping you can change: every single time there's a replay, every single time, you say "here it is right here"....every single time, that's not good broadcasting...please improve



You have really grown into a great analyst!

I particularly appreciate your "basketball street talk". I guess like the guys talk between themselves on the floor.

Keep up the great commentaries. I wish that you would realize that you no longer run up and down the floor. Please watch your weight!

Keep up the great TV work. BTW, I have not read the other comments.

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