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Bulls Need To Keep The Momentum - Stacey King

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Thumbnail image for Stacey King.jpgThe Bulls have won five of their last seven games and have been playing much better. They have a favorable schedule before embarking on the second west coast trip of the season. Seven games remain before the Bulls head west. Five of those seven opponents are under .500. It is imperative that they win all five of the games vs the lesser opponents. The Bulls do have to face Oklahoma City and the best team in the East, Boston, on the road. Oklahoma City has turned it around and they are playing really good ball. Boston is facing a rash of injuries at this time. But they are still the Celtics. There can't be any hiccups. If they do win five of the next seven games it puts them in a position to move up in the standings. It is imperative to win the games you are supposed to because the West Coast has not been kind to the Bulls.

Tyrus Thomas has played great in his three games since returning from injury, all Bulls wins. Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose have been terrific. If Noah has an eighteen to twenty rebound game tonight  vs Orlando that could open the door for an all-star appearance being picked by the coaches. Joakim has been a beast on the boards, where he ranks second in the league.
The entire team is starting to play with confidence. John Salmons is getting his touch back. Kirk Hinrich has been great as a starter. Brad Miller is starting to find his shot. The team is starting to get healthy. Everybody is back and healthy so there are no more excuses.

It will be interesting to see how they close out the season. As I mentioned in my previous blog, all the games down the stretch will have a playoff atmosphere and the Bulls need to play consistent basketball.There must be a concerted  effort by the entire team to stay focused and play hard. The Eastern Conference is not that great this season. Even after some shaky play the Bulls find themselves sitting in the seventh spot in the Conference. The thought of making the playoffs, after the start they had, is remarkable accomplishment.  The tone has changed from who are they gonna trade or who is going to get fired to actually playing sound hoops. If they can beat the teams they are supposed to beat they will make the playoffs.

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Per haps Vinny took a page from Gilbert and made them a offer they can't refuse

What's up Stacey? It's the former Incredibull from Kansas State living in Anchorage Alaska. I'm listening to you call Neil a hater. Nice. Get 'em! I miss being on the floor and seeing everyone at the games. I may be in town for the March 19th game vs. the Clippers. Tell Benny the Bull to let me do the Dancing Ref one more time. That'll blow his mind. Great job on the mic stacey King!


What's up man? Well you are definitely missed here in Chicago Kelly. How is the weather in Alaska right about now? Well when you get back to Chicago for the Clippers game make sure you come by and say hello. Hope your New Year has started off great. Take care and keep in touch. SK

Stacey, who should have the ball for the Bulls at the end of the game. They should have won at Charlotte, but missed a ton of open shots at the end.

Hi Stacey! I have to tell you at 92 my Grandma is the biggest Bulls fan -- she watches every game. Unfortunately she is now in the hospital having suffered a severe stroke and the only thing that made her feel better last night was watching her Bulls play last night. Can you give her a shout out?


My prayers and thoughts go out to your Grandmother. Let her know that I said hello and wish her a full recovery. Tell her to keep watching her Bulls and hopefully we can win some games for her. God bless and Happy New Year. SK


You know my answer to this question and it's simply 2 words....Derrick Rose. He is the one player on the Bulls roster that forces teams to account for on defense. He can put pressure on their defense with his ability to get to the paint and get to the line but it also forces defenses to collapse which leaves wide open shots for the Bulls open shooters. Hope that answered your question. SK

Hey Stacey why don't more of the athletic players keep the ball in play once they block a shot. I see players like Lebron and Howard block shots to the 3rd row but the opposing team retains possession of the ball. I think its crazy. I've seen Tyrus do this as well. Give Tyrus a tip for me please tell him to keep the ball in play instead of swatting balls into the stands just go up and grab it like a pass or alley-hoop or tip it to himself or other teammates. Stats would look much better, block/rebound all in one and plus the added benefit of gaining possession of the ball. The old school players like Wilt Chamberlain practiced this lost art. Who is the big man coach for the bulls? Who is the guard coach for the bulls? Looks like the bulls need some mentors for these positions.

I have been writing to thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me at the close of the Charlotte/Bulls game on January 5th. But all my mail went to Stacy King the author from Toronto Canada. So let me try again. You made my day when you took the time for a couple of pictures. You and Neil are my favorite broadcasters. I turn off the sound when following the Bulls on ESPN and TNT. Their broadcasters seem more interested in hearing their own voices than pleaseing the listners. You are a witty, and intelligent basketball color commentator. But most of all you have a truly wonderful personality and I hope I get the chance to get another picture with you at a game sometime in the future. Happy belated birthday.(mine is in January also.....but at 76 I am old enough to be your Grandpa.) Keep up the GREAT work.

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