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Bulls vs Wizards

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The Bulls come back to the United Center tonight after a huge road win in Boston. Chicago  shot 45% from the field and pretty much dominated the Celtics in every aspect of the game. Last night showed that when they can play with energy and defensive intensity they can match up with anybody. Over the last few games the Bulls have played with much more confidence resulting in wins. This is a huge game tonight vs a struggling Washington team that is without their leading scorer, Gilbert Arenas. The absence of Arenas has been a huge off-court distraction to the Wizards. Antwan Jamison is still a big time player as is Caron Butler. They are both All-Stars. The Bulls will have their hands full with those two guys.

Following last night's big win you have to hope that there won't be any let downs tonight. This game is the last home game until February making it's results huge. The fourteen day west coast trip will be a grind for this team so they have to focus on tonight. With a win tonight you build up the momentum that will propel you to Golden State with four straight wins.  If the Bulls continue to play hard they have a realistic shot at forty plus wins and a position to be in the playoffs.

For all of our Chicago viewers watch tonight's game on WCIU (Channel 26) at 7pm. I also look forward to reading your comments and questions.

-Stacey  King


Please call off "be nice to Neal month". He is taking way too many shots at you. He desrves retaliation.

Remember when the Bulls played the bucks in Milwaukee and after the game those two kids were yelling your name?? ya , well that was us.we love you and your commentary. keep up the good work. you rock

p.s. it took me a week to get my voice back.

<3 danny & pat

Please call off "be nice to Neal month". He is taking way too many shots at you. He deserves retaliation.

One question I've had for a while now -- where did Joakim Noah learn that strange free throw shot?

Hey Stacey!

Has there ever been any player voted into the All-Star game as a write-in player? Also, if Noah had actually been on the ballot where do you think he would place (do you think he would in the top 5?, etc.)?

Thanks! Go Bulls!

mr king.
Big fan of your baby hook in the lane. bulls r frustrating tonight against the wiz, always playing to their competition. do you really believe with 20mil this summer they land wade? if not who? take care and i loved neil on the radio but he is missing something on tv, hes a hater. take care

Stacey, what do you think the Bulls need to concentrate on most during their upcoming road trip? Do you think our problems lie more in actual play, such as having too many turnovers or taking bad shots, or is it more of a confidence problem? We both know the circus trip didn't go as planned so how does Chicago avoid that this time around? I hate to see our Bulls lose as they are such a great team both in regards to players' personalities and skills.


I was just wondering why are all of the refs hating on the Bulls? The officials started calling just awful fouls last night when it looked like the Bulls were going to go up by 20 and that got the Celtics back into the game. Also that recent loss to the Bobcats. Just wow. The officials probably took 7-8 points from the Bulls and gave the Bobcats 12-13 points just on bad calls. What is wrong with the refs?

Andrei Andreev

Go Bulls!

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