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Critical Trip Out West

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The next 7 games are a critical part of the season for the Bulls.   I think this next road trip will determine how far the Bulls go to stay in play-off contention and how far they will go in improving their position in the play-off standings.

Now, what does that mean?   Do they have to win 3 games or 4 games...I don't know, but this has to be a positive trip.   That does not mean playing well, but coming away with losses.   The Bulls have to prove they can win on the road.

Last season, the Bulls got a bump at the trading deadline when they acquired Brad Miller and John Salmons.   They don't need that kind of bump this season.    Their bump this year will be this road trip and a successful trip will be just that bump.

                                                           -Neil Funk



Thanks for sharing, Neil Funk!

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