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Is This The Year For an All-Star?

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Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose are both having All-Star calibre seasons for the Bulls, but whether they get on the team in Dallas is another story.   It's unlikely either will get voted onto the Eastern Conference squad, but one or the other might get selected by the coaches or the league could appoint one or the other depending on injuries.

Derrick Rose has played at an All-Star level for the last month or so.   He was hampered early in the season, but once his ankle completely healed, Derrick has really turned it on.

Joakim Noah's improvement this season is well-documented and he is certainly worthy of All-Star consideration.

                                                                             -Neil Funk



How come Neil is such a hater of your blog! Every time u guys are on WGN and you bring up ur blog, Neil always seems to give you beef. Its not fair; blog on, good sir....

Hi guys I really think d rose will make it because of allen iversons knee injury even if he is not injured d rose will still get in but noah maybe he's such a good player but not a lot of besides bulls fans consider him that good. I also have a question do you guys think the bulls will make a trade for a shooter because the bulls need another go to guy now because I think dwayne wade is a a long way to sign and we need to focus on this season to attracked the big names to come to chicago.
Nabil (but you guys can call me bill)
Ps you guys do a great job every game you guys make me laugh

Hey Neil! After struggling early in the season, Derrick Rose has finally found a way to play through his troubles and is becoming one of the most explosive players in the league. Although the fans will most likely not be voting him in this year, he has a great chance to be brought into the game through the coaches.

What else can you really say about Noah and Rose? The team just doesn't seem to play the same without them. Even if he doesn't make it in the All-Star game I hope Joakim is at least on next year's ballot.

I agree with you Neil...... They have been performing very well lately but I think it may be a little too late. It would be great if Noah or Rose makes it on the All-Star Team this year but I wouldnt be too disappointed if they were left out.

Keep up the good work Mr. Funk


What up Stacy, U Guys were great tonight u too Neil!! Anyway Noah is a true BEAST and Derrick Rose cant be guarded one on one, only if we had a knock down shooter. But I just think through out the NBA players dont respect Noah but the bulls would be in trouble without him safe to say that! I think Derrick Rose will make it, if not just come back after the break an prove everyone wrong. Quick thought1! What do you think about Joe Johnson and Dirk next year would it work money wise?


Let's just say if the Lakers lose Kobe or the Cavaliers lose Lebron that would be the impact it would have on the Bulls if Noah or Rose were out of the lineup . Now I'm not saying either of our players are the likes of those two but for what they mean to this team it would be a devastating loss especially losing Noah. He has been the most consistent player on the Bulls every single night and his hustle and energy have been a key to a lot of Bulls wins this year. Derrick's star continues to rise and in the next couple of years don't be shocked when he earns a starting spot on the Eastern conference All Star team. I love Joe Johnson's game and he would be a great addition to this team. He would give the Bulls a true go to type player that also can score from inside and outside not to mention he is a big guard. Dirk would be great also but that's wishful thinking because Mark Cuban isn't going to let him leave Dallas. Take care and Go Bulls!!!!!!

Bulls Fan-

Well said Bulls Fan....Let's just say the Bulls have two cornerstone pieces to build around this offseason. They both are very young and have their best years in front of them and I'm sure we'll see them both on future All Star teams. Take care and Go Bulls! SK

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