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Please Help!

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Please make a donation to help the people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake. Join the Bulls by texting  "HAITI" to "90999" for a $10 donation to the Red Cross or visit or calling 1-800-4unicef.  Thanks for your help!

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I see on the Bulls scoreboard at the bottom, the letters t.o.i. for both teams. What do those letters mean? time outs -----?


Help me, lousy shot selection and to much arm on defense. Should be blowing these guys out but letting them hang around and even lead at half. Watch for 3rd quarter start just like the game by GW. Could be key to the game. NBA refs suck. Always inconsistent. IT kills a great sport.


U better start razing Neil, this is going to be a long trip after all. This is terrible. Cannot beat a team like this. No D, terrible offense, just standing around waiting for something to happen. how can they not come out ready for this game. How can you let S. Curry beat you. Just terrible.

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