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Stacey King answers your questions Bulls Fans!!!

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Hey Bulls fans thanks for all the comments and questions to my blog.  Each week I'll try to answer as many questions and comments as I can and here is this weeks entries.

First question is from Big Crazy who writes...


How come Neil always hates on ur blog? Everytime you bring up ur blog during a game, Neil always gives you beef. Blog on, good sir...

-Big Crazy

Big Crazy,

One word....HATER....I think he's mad because I actually answer all my blog questions and he doesn't know how to...LOL. SK

Kevin Sliwa on Joakim making the NBA All star team.

I think he deserves it, however, like Neil said, I think he will only make it because of an injury to someone on the team.


Let us not forget this is only Noah's 3rd season and we're talking about him being an All Star.  It's been 12 years since the Bulls had a legitimate All Star and that was the 1997-98 championship season.  Derrick Rose and Noah will one day be representing the Chicago Bulls in an All Star game you can mark that one down..... Thanks for the question and Go Bulls!! SK

Keith McGhee on Joakim making this years All Star team:

I think Noah is having a great season so far i think he should be a all-star at least a reserve. That just my thought.


I totally agree with you 100 percent...If he doesn't make this years All Star team he should win the NBA most improved player award hands down. Thanks for your question and keep them coming. SK

Next question comes from Katelyn:

Hey Stacey! How old is Neil? My mom is 54 and she understands all this technology stuff. :)

Noah is All-Star material. The team just doesn't seem to play the same without his energy. Anyway, who else would tell Lebron James to stop dancing? It's nice to see his hard work and determination pay off. Go Joakim!


My man Neil is ageless.....To be honest he is a bigger text fiend then I am...I just like messing with him. To answer your question Noah is a All Star and though he might not make it this year I do expect him to get the NBA most improved player award.

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 Thanks for the question and tell your mom I said hello...Also tell her to email Neil and explain how to use some of these new technology she is using..LOL... SK

Ok Bulls fans thanks again and if you've written to me on my blog I promise to answer each and every question.  Take care and Go Bulls!!!!!!


We all know you got love for James Johnson so you are probably the right guy to ask, but if the Bulls move forward with a trade or free agency chances are that Tyrus Thomas is gone. That being said do you think JJ could fill the role Tyrus is currently playing, rebounding, defense, pop out jumpers. I know he doesn't have the hops like Tyrus to block shots, but he seems much smoother handling the ball. What ultimately do you think James Johnson's ceiling is? 12ppg 8Reb 1-3pt 1-steal .8 blk guy?

Hey Mr. King! What are you doing with your rings?! Get in the gym with Aaron Gray and teach him to play so you can posterize him!

Hey Stacey, what is going on with Rebounds in this game so far? Chicago's Noah and Miller need to work harder to get especially a lot of these offensive rebounds. Jamison already has 10 rebounds, what's up with that? How do you feel about about the second half? Thanks.


Stacey, do you think the Bulls will try to pick-up any of the big name free agents for the 2010-11 season? Any chance D. Wade comes back home?



Neil Funk is handsome! You available Neil?

Hi Stacey,
Please take a closer look at the NBA All-Star voting website. There is no way you can vote for Joakim Noah! They put less famous players as "write-in votes" and let you select them in a drop down menu, but they didn't provide a 'add' button! I am very serious. I am a computer geek and I am on the web all the time. I tried literally all different browsers and looked hours for a way to add Joakim to my ballot and couldn't find it! Just check the votes now see if any "write in" players got any vote.

Hi Stacy, I am a transplanted Chicagoan in Florida but I never miss a game. Great win last night to stick with it. Good to see them winning the games they should win. You have become a very good announcer since a couple years ago. I especially love your banter with Neil when you jab him. Question: on the box score - what is BA right next to the points column? Thanks and keep winning, Tom

MR Stacy i am aerron from chicago 16 years old i would to know if the bulls will get tracy,,,and who will leave the bulls? would they make it at the playoffs....thanks i will wait for your answer more power thanks

Hi Stacey
I have meaning to ask this question for a week. This situation happened during the game against the Wizards. The Bulls had the ball with 1.1 seconds left in the first half. They had a 20 second timeout left. If they use the timeout they advance the ball to the front court with the chance of getting a quality shot.
They chose to take the ball full court and did not get a shot off.
Why didn't any of the coaches bring this up when they called a timeout with about 15 seconds left?
Thanks Bob


If the Bulls can't get Chris Bosh, then how about Nick Young and Brendan Haywood?

To Bulls: Nick Young and Brendan Haywood
To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson and Aaron Gray

The Chicago Bulls need pro basketball players coming off their bench, not cheerleaders. The Bulls' bench is PUTRID right now. They need some scoring and defense. Nick Young is lost behind Randy Foye and Mike Miller, while Brendan Haywood is a FA to be.

Why not? It would give Washington insurance, if they wanted to trade Butler and/or Jamison in oder to save money and help the Bulls move up in the standings.

Feel free to pass this idea along to John Paxson and Gar Forman.



I was just wondering if you found your "poster machine" yet? Haha...too funny.

(great call on that dunk)

Hey Stacey
i just wanted to tell you that you and neil are great together on tv. i watch every game and love every comment you guys have. and i 100 percent agree with you that one day rose and noah will make it to the all star game. hopfuly in a year or two rose will be voted in as a starter. i will be attending the bulls game aginst the magic on feb. 10 and would love to meet you guys before or after the game if not keep it up with your great comments and GO BULLS

thanks Mike

Stacy: Whats the talk about trading Tyrus, I think that would be the biggest mistake in bulls history next to not Signing Gilmore before he went to the ABA. Tyrus I believe is probably one of the most althletic players in the NBA and He is almost old enough to drink. I say let Tyrus, Noah, Taj, Johnson , and Rose start and let them play.Kirk is a Sixth man like Paxson. Deng and salmons are bench players. They need a Coach as seen on this road trip, losing to GS and LAC and winning to HOU,PHX,SA,and Olk.

Stacy do you think the bulls winning streak has anything to do with your be kind to Neal Funk month

Tyrus plays less than 15 mins. 9 boards, 9 pts, 1 blk, and 1 steal!! Noah, Salmons, Miller, Taj 100+ mins. total stats don't add up to Tyrus. So why is he sitting on the bench? Why are the Bulls losing to the Clippers? Go Vinnie get your head out of the ground!

What does Tyrus have to do? He plays 5 min. in first half against 76's and is one of lead scorers. Miller plays outragious minutes for an old man while Tyrus,Maj, and Noah sit on bench. Salmons plays over 30 mins and scores one basket, Devin Brown new to team plays more mins. than Tyrus and looks like a drunk chasing is shadow. Is Vinnie trying to lose games or force long time Bulls fans to hope Noah, Tyrus, Rose, Taj, and JJ get traded to same team like the 76's With Brand. I am not wasting my time watching a talented team like the Bulls anymore as long as Vinnie is coaching.

Hey Stacey,

How can Devin Brown scrubb up so quickly? it looks like those 6 three's in a row on the Bulls couple months ago was a fluke. What is your opinion about Devin?

Terrell, Chicago

Stacey - Why in the world would Al Harrington shoot free throws right-handed? In the first half you told us he is left-handed! Kidding, it's not a real question, I know he's right-handed, and I guess you do now too!

Stacky which Max free agent would you like to see on the bulls next season

Stacy- Thank you for making a total Bulls fan out of me! I have never liked watching sports before, but watching the Bulls and listening to your commentary has changed everything. The way that you explain the plays (draw them out) and provide in-depth info on the players, etc. has made basketball a game that I feel I have a handle on. Thank you for helping me join in on the fun! I'm sure there are a lot of other women out there who feel the same way! You and Neal are terrific! Thank you again!


my condolences on the passing of your mother. keep up the good work on tv.

Hello Stacey,

I truly love your brocasting skills. You're intelligent, witty and funny as hell! Stacey, I know you're a die hard Bulls fan, but I would like for you to visit my website and give me your opinion of it ( ). Keep up the great work!

Take care,

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