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Thumbnail image for Stacey King.jpgGood evening from the United Center where the Bulls will face the Timberwolves on WGN. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people who have left comments during the past few weeks. Tonight I want to let the fans tell me what is on their minds. Leave a comment or a question in the box below so I can see what you  Bulls fans are thinking out there.


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Stacey, what do you think Taj Gibson's future is in the league? Is he an impact starter or will he be just a complimentary player?

OK, I was wrong about Joakim Noah. Really wrong.

Stacey, you just talked about a poster dunk. What constitutes a poster?

I'm having a hard time justifying to myself about Derrick Rose being the future of the Bulls. The guy can play a lick of defense and is constantly requiring help from others when he gets burned by the opposing PG. This is opening up 3 pointers and layups to the other team. How you noticed any improvement in Derricks defensive game since he became a pro? I personally think he has regressed....

stacey, can you do me a favor and explain monday night on the broadcast to bulls fans why joakim was left off the all-star ballot and why no one seems to notice or comment on it? he's not even in the top 10 voted for center in the east. they have brad as the bulls rep. at center. love brad and what he brings to the team, but joakim is the starter and is second in the nba in boards per game and averages a double double. i've been writing him in on the online ballot, but non-bulls fans in the west won't be reminded of him if he's not listed and it's cost him votes to make it. like when i put my vote for the west center. you've said yourself, and i whole-heartedly agree, that he should be front runner in the most improved player of the year. just curious cuz i feel he's being cheated. i'll take a response on here if you can't comment during the broadcast. thanx

Ay Stacy i just wanted to let you know that you are funny!last year when the bulls was in the playoffs they were broadcasted on tnt and i didnt watch tnt even though the cameras was better than csn because of your antics i watched csn ....keep it up!


Thanks Jay for the compliment. I try to bring a little flavor to the broadcast and we try to make the broadcast fun for the viewers as well as informative. Keep watching and Go Bulls!!!!


He was left off early because the experts didn't view him as a All Star... He was added after putting up monster numbers in November which he's continued to do now in January. He is in the top 3 in the league in rebounds and though he probably won't be voted on by the fans he may have a chance to be added by the coaches as a reserve. Joakim is having a breakout season and this is just the tip of where he is going to be in the next few years. I see him making the All Star team in the near future especially if he continues to improve like he did this year. SK


Derrick is only in his 2nd season in the NBA and like most young players especially guards it takes them a little longer to develop a defensive mind set night in and night out in this league. To answer your question does Derrick need to get better on the defensive end? Absolutely GSB but lets cut him a little slack. Point guard is one of the toughest positions to play in the NBA and let us not forget Rose is only 22 years old with less then 2 years in the NBA. He'll get better on the defensive end because he's to good of an athlete not to get better. But players like Derrick Rose don't come around that often so let us enjoy him and watch him develop into one of the top guards in the NBA over the next 10 years. Thanks for your question. SK


You can get on a poster in one or two ways. 1. Getting dunked on by a Bulls player during the game. 2. It has to be an amazing dunk by a Bulls player. Thanks for the question. SK


At least you're honest and not afraid to admit it....I think a lot of people were wrong about Noah but the kid can play. Thanks for your comment. SK


Taj is going to be in this league for a lot of years. He is solid and dependable and a hard worker and he brings it every single night and this is just his rookie year. Is he an All Star type player? Who knows the answer to this question but if I was to compare him to one player in the NBA it would be Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat. If you're building a championship caliber team you need a player like Gibson because he brings toughness and the willingness to do the little things that go unnoticed by fans but are appreciated by coaches. Hope that answered your question. SK

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