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Derrick Rose The All-Star - Stacey King

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Hi it's Stacey King checking in on my pregame blog. There are a lot of haters out there like Neil Funk who don't respect my blog but I am down here telling you that I am happy to be doing this for all my "peeps" in Chicago. Keep writing in and I will be sure to answer!  Today we are going to talk about Derrick Rose and his first All-Star game as he will be representing the city of Chicago and the Bulls in Dallas this weekend. It is a great honor for Derrick. He has come on strong after starting the season with an ankle injury. Once the ankle healed he has started to show why he was the number one pick in the draft. Another thing is there has been no sophomore slump. That was the assumption by many people at the start of the season but he has proved them all wrong. Over the last few months he has also shown that he is a go-to guy. He wants the final shot. His scoring and rebounding have gone up, along with his assists. This is a great honor for Derrick. It couldn't have happened to a nicer kid. This will be the first of many All-Star games for him and I would guess that next year he will be a starter. His jersey is the 4th biggest seller this season and that just proves his recognition by a national audience. Good luck on Sunday! Thanks for reading and please send me any of your questions. Watch the Bulls tonight at 6pm on Bulls Net (WCIU Channel 26).



Stacey, please don't write a blog unless your going to say something interesting or that someone hasn't already said.

Hello Stacey.

Let me state right off the bat that I love the kid. He's a great player, the face of the franchise and deserves to be an All-Star this year. But sometimes, too much emphasis is put on the moment and not the future. Derrick, obviously, still has holes in his game. What 21-year old doesn't? It would be nice to see him become more efficient. I think a reason for his lack of high efficiency is somewhat hidden in the fact that Chicago doesn't have a scoring big, or a whole lot of high-percentage outside shooters. Often you see Derrick take the ball inside, only to meet two rotating players, and it becomes a 1-on-2 situation. With proper spacing, or an offensive big man close to the basket, that second defender will hesitate to go double, and since Derrick is fully capable to find the open man, it will give him more options to work with than he currently has now.

With the Bulls having max cap space for the summer (well, pending a few moves just to be sure), it's going to be interesting to see how they go about it. Adding a top-level talent like Chris Bosh to the table would definitely help Derrick from a pick and roll aspect. The Bulls are fortunately trying to get into the best situation possible and regardless of who they get, it's going to give Derrick another weapon to work alongside with.

The next few months are going to be very interesting. Not just from a Free Agent perspective, but also to see a potential Bulls playoff run. Being on the big stage is something that brings out the fire in young stars, and Rose is no different.


Dear Stacy,

I totally agree with you on Derrick Rose. I am such a big Bulls fan it is refreshing to see such a young talent grow and mature right before our eyes. It's almost like when MJ first came on to the scene and we watched him turn into the Hall of Famer that he is. I think Chicago is blessed to have another player like MJ provide us with the thrills and amazing slam dunks like MJ use to do for us. We still need that low post player and another scorer before we can get to the next level. What are your thoughts on who is out there and who the Bulls might be interested in picking up. Also, are Tyrus Thomas's days with the Bulls over? It's a shame. I really thought this was going to be his year. I love his athleticism and his energy, but sometimes his shot selection is not very good. Well, good talking to you and will post more in the future.

Go Bulls!

Ric Parra, South Elgin

Stacy King,
You da Man! I like Neil too! You guys are the dynamic duo of broadcasting! I love to watch a bulls game with you commentating. "Late getting over there, but he made the poster" That's pure classic!! I agree with everthing you said about the All star Derrick Rose. But Stacy I do recall you wanting the bullies to draft Mike Beasley. C'mon you remember ask Neil. I know now your glad we didn't. You have always been very good to this franchise during your ballin' years and now you're the best since The Legendary Johnny Redd. Keep up the good work my man

Terrell, Chicago

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