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No Noah - Now What?

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The injury to Joakim Noah did not come up overnight.   During the Bulls' 5-game winning streak, you could see that Joakim was not the same.   It was becoming increasingly more painful for him to run and jump.   Joakim tried to play with the pain, but the Bulls were getting diminishing returns as he tried to stay in the line-up, but was not as effective as he had been most of the season.  

The treatment for plantar fasciitis is rest...normally 6 weeks.   The Bulls don't have 6 weeks, so the plan is to shut him down through the All-Star Break and then re-evaluate.  This injuly affects each player differently and a lot depends on the player's threshold for playing with pain.   This injury is especially painful for the Bulls because without Noah on the floor, the Bulls are not a great rebounding team, as you saw in Atlanta on Friday night.

Chris Richard was signed to help out in the front line, but I don't see the Bulls making a trade to replace Joakim.   Any trade that is made is going to made will be made with the objective of clearing salary cap room to make the best possible offer to sign a free agent this summer. 

                                                                                     -Neil Funk


to me from what im seeing Chris Richard was being very effective on rebounds in the first half, maybe not a trade to keep him in the NBA on the Bulls but im suprised why dont we have Tyrus Thomas out more, he's been great the past couple games. Loul he is contributing great to the team, but to me Drose isnt being himself either you can see his shots the past 3 games even now he is having trouble making shots, everyones relying on kirk now, if we have James Johnson and Pargo on the bench why not use them.James can be put in for a quick break or even both can be used to close out a game to me. To me pargo isnt "great" at the three and can't shoot consistently but the bulls need someone to close out the game. Devin Brown i still thinks to find his place, even though he was lighting us up the first time we played New Orleans. His shot selection isn't great ..yet but i think when he can find his place on the bulls he will contribute great for the team.

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