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The Trade Deadline Is Coming Up - Stacey King

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Thursday is the trade deadline and the Bulls have a lot of different things they could do. They could make a trade to free up money for the summer. They could stay  with the roster that they have, if they think they are good enough to get past the first round of the playoffs. The Bulls could also make a blockbuster trade, like they did last season bringing Brad Miller and John Salmons to Chicago. That deal helped them become one of the NBA's best teams in the second half.  It is hard to tell which direction they will go. Do they blowup this team now to save money for this summer to be a player in the free agent market? Another option is that they could make a deal to get a player with an expiring contract and give up some good players in return and hope that you can compete for free agents. I would not want to be a general manager right now. The Bottom line is that there are 31 games left and the team that they have now can make a playoff run. If they do stay with this team they must continue to play consistent defense and improved offense. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah must get healthy. Derrick hurting his hip last week was a scary moment for everyone. The main objective, if they keep this team intact, is to stay healthy. Once the Bulls are healthy they can take advantage of all the sub .500 opponents that they have in the next month. Chicago could find themselves in the fifth playoff spot at the beginning of March and it is downhill after that.

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-Stacey King


i agree with u bout the dunk contest it was more like the stunk contest they reall do need to bring all stars into da dunk contest.wats up r they gon get a veteran all star?

im really hoping for wade or at least the bulls should jump on mcgrady.we need a consistent scorer. rose and noah cant do it alone. big ups to noah tho he really stepped up his game this year. do u think the playoffs woke him up?

I'm kind of new to the bulls this year. Big hockey, Chicago Wolves fan. The games I saw were about half good, half bad. My ?? is with the trade deadline being the big news. Why is Jerome James getting 6.6 mill and I've never seen or heard about him all year. Is there something I missed?? I can't find anything about him being hurt.

Is there a link or news report somewhere explaining his injury, or standing with the team??

Thanks for any information or help understanding what's going on.


First of all me and my friends love watching bulls games because of you great commentary and excitement that you bring to the broadcast. Second of all, I have a nickname for Taj Gibson. The Alien, because he kind of looks like he's from another planet (E.T. kind of), and he's been playing out of this world for a rookie. Thanks man, and keep bringing the energy.

P.S. Did you not get the memo? just playing

I was a Chicago Bulls fan since day one when they were formed. Lived and died by what they did. They didn't sign Artis Gilmore and let him go to ABA. They traded Clifford Ray to Portland saying he would never play on a championship team;it was Borwinkles's best season fighting Clifford for a starting spot. We all know who won the following years championship, yes Portland. They never played Will Purdue, traded him to S.A. led league in double/doubles for center and folling year got another championship ring. I lived through the Brad Miller trade for Jaylen Rose and the loss of Daniel Marshall to unload Jaylon Rose. Even lived through the Stacy King years when he didn't play up to expectations. But now Tyrus Thomas , sorry I am now a Bobcat fan, The Bulls will be lucky to win 5 more games this season. Thats all we needed some more worthless guards.They hang on to Noah and Taj who have career foot injuries sort of just like Bill Waltons mysterious bone spurs. I don't think Rose will be a M.J., so 50 some years down the drian. GO BOBCATS !!!! By The way Tyrus in his first game with Bobcats 14 Rebounds 9 Points and 6 blocked shots.

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