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The Trade - Stacey King

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Thumbnail image for Stacey King.jpgWelcome to today's Blog! The Bulls made some expected moves before the deadline. John Salmons was sent to Milwaukee and Tyrus Thomas was traded to Charlotte. In exchange for Salmons, and the Bulls' regular 2nd round picks, Chicago received Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander.  Thomas went to the Bobcats for Flip Murray, Acie Law and a future 1st round pick.  Theses were great trades for the Bulls. They not only cleared some salary cap room but also kept their core players intact.

Hakim Warrick: A very similar player to Tyrus Thomas. He averages 10 points and 5 rebounds a game. He brings more experience in the position for the Bulls.

Joe Alexander: Was a lottery pick last season and is trying to get more minutes in an NBA uniform. He gives the Bulls a long range threat.

Acie Law: Was the 11th overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.  Appeared in only 14 games this season. A good young player with great potential.

Flip Murray: Playing in his 8th NBA season.  Averaging just under 10 points in 47 games this season. He  will look great in a Bulls uniform and should make an immediate impact.

Thanks for reading and make sure to watch The Bulls battle the 76ers tonight at 7pm ct on WGN!


Hi stacy im watching the gme right now there up by 27

I think Warrick will make a good impact on the team. He played solid tonight against the Sixers. But Derrick Rose is bullying 'em! :D

hakeem warrick is playing amazing i think the bulls will be able to play with the Hawks with warrick and Murray they can run!

Stacey watching the game now with 3:00min left and all of the new Bulls have played except Joe Alexander, do you have any insight on why that might be? What is his role with the Bulls?

Hey Stacy watching the game against the 76ers it's very clear they have gotten better while clearing cap space.So my question is it possible to resign a warrick and Murry while still signing a player to a max contract.

waching who is the player of the game

Hi Stacey
League-pass is great! I get to watch alle the Bulls games even though I live in Denmark. Y'all do a great job, although you should tell Niel that he needs to be more passionate during the broadcasts...

Do you think James Johnson will become a good NBA player?

Who do you think is better:
D. Blair or Taj Gibson?

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