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What's Gotten Into the Bulls?

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There are a number of benchmarks surrounding the Bulls' resurgence.   There was Derrick Rose's complete recovery from his knee injury; there was the improved play of Joakim Noah; Kirk Hinrich's return to the starting line-up; the 5 road wins on the West Coast in January.   All those factors have played a part in the Bulls' great 21-10 record since the end of December.

I have 3 things that I think were the key components of the Bulls' stellar play.   First, putting Kirk Hinrich back in the starting line-up brought an energy to both ends of the floor.   Secondly, Derrick Rose becoming a go-to, take-charge star after battling injury the first couple months of the season.   And thirdly, the Bulls' style of play is much more a run first offense.   I have always thought they could, and should, run more.    The trades the Bulls made brought in 2 more guys who are runners and when you have Kirk, Derrick, Joakim, Warrick and Murray on the floor together (and Luol included), you have guys who know how to run and like to play that kind of game.

Warrick and Murray came over and complimented that style of play and didn't miss a beat.   They are NBA veterans who have played for a number of coaches and have played with many teammates, so it was easy for them to come over and fit in immediately.   They are guys who just know how to play basketball.

This is going to be a fun rest of the season as the Bulls battle for play-off position in the Eastern Conference and I am looking forward to watching it unfold.


                                             -Neil Funk


well to me bringing in murray was a great trade, i have not doubted Warick yet in his play on the bulls so far hes been really fenominal. allthough i wouldnt have gotten alexander, and warrick but as i see warrick has been doing a great job, because salmons i thought was a great veteran that like derrick and hinrich could lead a team. Tonight theres been allot of turnovers that could have been avoided and i hope Rose's injury isnt to bad, but if the bulls were to get a free agent who would they get to help them on the court?

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