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Down The Stretch - Stacey King

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Today's discussion will be about the Bulls remainder of the season. Chicago had a great month of February with an 8-6 record. They did what they were supposed to do, beat the teams that they should have and put themselves in a position to move up in the standings. At the beginning of February they were a team just fighting to make it into the 8th playoff spot and as of today they have a chance to move into the 5th spot. If they get on a roll, like they did last month, there is an outside chance of making it to the 4th spot. The month of March offers the Bulls some major challenges. They are playing against a bunch of playoff teams, Dallas twice, a young Memphis team, Boston and the Hawks tonight. The advantage that the Bulls have is that they play 9 home games in the month. That will be huge because it feels like we have been on the road for two straight months! Another key factor will be the health of the core of the team. Joakim Noah's foot is a concern. Derrick Rose banged his knee on Saturday in Indianapolis. Luol Deng is also battling a knee injury but has been gutting it out playing with pain. The Bulls must keep everybody healthy for the push in the last two months of the season.

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who do u think will be the best free agent that the bulls should pick up? I think Carlos Booozer cuz he wont be a max contract which would gives us some room to pick up another decent player.Oh and stop giving my man Niel a hard time

The BULLS need some real spring cleaning that wont be done until next fall! Lets change the easy stuff first. Please get rid of that tacky basketball behind the bull at center court. Theres not enough energy when it comes to crowd control, we need more & better music being played when energy is low at home . You can hear a pin drop at the UC sometimes & for a NBA team with this much history is unacceptable. The BULLS seem to always forget what wins games for them. Once they stop standing around and run plays they will win some games but until they get a real big man that can pound paint and shoot the ball, they will continue to have a weakness that will be exposed by other teams. Right now Rose needs to continue to score and let Kirk switch roles so we can run smoother plays. I know he's hurt a little but unless he steps up, we will never get a ring with Luol Deng! P.S. We owe Atlanta a new team bus! (chaft)

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