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Rose And Noah Return - Stacey King

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With thirteen games remaining in the season the Bulls find themselves on the outside looking in. The fact that two of the most important players are returning to action might  help the Bulls creep back in the playoff picture.
My thought process, following the Philly game, was that Chicago would need to go at least 10-3 to have a shot at the playoffs. The scenario could also change with some of the other teams in the 6-7-8 spots going on losing streaks. The first part of the March schedule was a monster. Not only was the competition tough but they played without three of their starters. Noah will  return with very limited playing time, and Derrick coming back to his starting position it could give the Bulls a little hope in their quest for the playoffs. Be sure to watch the Bulls take on the Houston Rockets tonight on Bulls Net (Channel 26 for our Chicago viewers).



Hey Stacey,

Hopefully the Bulls can make a push for the rest of the season and squeeze into the playoff picture. It's going to be an exciting last few weeks for Bulls basketball!

By any chance, have you seen this video I put together? It's actually starring YOU. Yes, that's right. It's a song and video starring Stacey King (and Derrick Rose). I tweeted Chuck Swirsky to pass it along to you, but not sure if it ever made it your way. Anyways, enjoy! Tell me what you think, Mr. King.


I wish to thank Stacey for being a class act with fans. When he was a Rockford Lightening coach he signed a small basketball for my son, who 9 years old at the time. He was always a gentleman. Also, he is very smart in his knowledge of basketball! Stacey and Neil are the two best play by play guys in the business!! Thanks.

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