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Pre-season Protocol

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Coach Tom Thibodeau knows who will make up his starting unit once the season gets underway on Halloween night, but with 6 or more new faces coming off the bench, Coach Thibodeau is trying to put together a cohesive 2nd unit during the course of the pre-season.

This 2nd unit will need to have chemistry and Tom needs to have confidence that when he goes to his bench they will be able to hold a lead, or cut into a deficit...depending on the game situation.

This is accomplished by trial and error...believe it or not.   Tom wants to see who can play together, that's chemistry.   The issues that I have noticed in the first 2 game is that the bench guys are having trouble getting shots.   In Champaign last night, Tom kept Kirk Hinrich out on the floor and he was able to get the ball to Marco Bellinelli and Nazr Mohammed for key shots late in the game.

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