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The Curtain Goes Up

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Opening Night in any sport is a special event, not just for the fans, but everyone involved.   You've spent about a month getting ready, players practice every day and play exhibition games.  So you can't help but be excited when the Opener finally arrives.

I have a couple of special ones that stand out.   Opening Night in Miami in 2006 was a big one.   The Heat had won their first-ever title the summer before with Shaq and Dwyane Wade.   The Bulls drew the assignment of playing them on their ring ceremony night and completely blew them out of their own gym...I think it was as lopsided as any opener as I've ever seen.

Another one that I remember was the Opening game in 1995.   Michael Jordan was returning for his first full season after coming back late in the 1994-95 season.   The play-off loss to Orlando was still a sore spot for him, so I think he had some revenge on his mind.   The Bulls had just traded for Dennis Rodman, so we knew this could be a special season, but no one thought they would go on to win 72 games and set an all-time record.

I am also looking forward to tonight's game...the first without Derrick Rose since he entered the league in 2008.  I want to see how the players respond without Derrick and I know they are anxious to prove that they are a good team, even with Derrick sidelined.

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