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Rebounding From the LA game

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The loss to the Clippers on Saturday night was the first blowout loss of the season for the Bulls.  You are going to suffer through four or five of those losses each season.   And on the other hand, you are going to win a number of those games as well.   You have to recognize that the true measure of your team lies somewhere in the middle.   Tom Thibodeau knows this...what's why he nevers looks ahead or behind in his preparation for each game.

Certainly Tom saw a number of things in the Clipper game that he would like the Bulls to improve.   You can see that he addressed the turn-over situation at halftime as the Bulls had 12 in the first half and only 4 in the second half.

I am sure in the over-time win in Phoenix, Tom found some things that he would like to improve upon.  It's that nightly approach that has made the Bulls so successful over the last 2 years.  

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